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ICTP - LB (Euler Lecture Hall)

Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy - SIMS, Cluster-SIMS and MeV-SIMS


  • Roger WEBB


The basic concepts behind SIMS will be provided. The underlying models of the molecular and ion ejection process will be given. The similarities and differences between MeV-SIMS and the more conventional cluster keV-SIMS will be given. Simulations of molecular ejection from molecular material due to deposited energy spikes will be used to demonstrate the underlying physical mechanisms behind the MeV and cluster keV-SIMS process. A description of what can be expected to be achieved from MeV-SIMS and cluster SIMS and their position in the great collection of materials analysis techniques in existence today. Comparison is made with other molecular concentration mapping techniques.


Aliz Simon (IAEA), Sandro Scandolo (ICTP), Roger Webb (University of Surrey)