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ICTP - Enrico Fermi Building - SciFabLab

Case studies presentations, Chairperson Ermanno Pietrosemoli



iGUZO: Mobile Crowed Sensing based Intelligent Transport Systems in Developing Countries, Salahadin Seid, Ethiopia Using LoT to monitoring the radiation level in main water reservoirs, Omar Alqudah, Jordan Emergency Fire Response Syste(EFRS), Evariste Twahirwa, Rwanda Ultra-Light Disposable Radio Probes For Atmospheric Monitoring, Miryam Paredes, Ecuador IoT Based Water And Moisture Levels Monitoring System In Smart Rice Farming, Bamurigire Peace, Rwanda Plant Disease Detection using Hyperspectral Imaging Processing, Ronald Criollo, Ecuador


Iain Darby (IAEA NAPC/PH-NSIL), Marco Zennaro (ICTP T/ICT4D), Maria Liz Crespo (ICTP MLab), Local Organiser: Marco Zennaro