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ICTP - Enrico Fermi Building - SciFabLab

Case studies presentations, Chairperson Iain Darby



IoT monitoring of herds and their herdsmen in Nigeria, Igba Priscillia, Nigeria Simulation of Traffic Generator for LoRa Networks, Anjali R.Askhedkar and Nilam Pradhan, India Radon anomaly monitoring in soil gas related to seismic events, Mansour Esmaeili, Islamic Republic of Iran Measurements of natural background radiation in Nicaragua , Edith Natalia Villegas Garcia, Nicaragua Control and monitoring system for the neonatology room, Nestor Antonio Traña Obando, Nicaragua IoT based soil monitoring and crop management Intelligent System using Machine Learning algorithms: case Study for Beshelo Basin , Amsale Zelalem, Ethiopia


Iain Darby (IAEA NAPC/PH-NSIL), Marco Zennaro (ICTP T/ICT4D), Maria Liz Crespo (ICTP MLab), Local Organiser: Marco Zennaro