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ICTP - Enrico Fermi Building - SciFabLab

Case studies presentations, Chairperson Marco Zennaro



Real-time measurements of I-131 in wastewater of the hospital, Noha Imam. Egypt Blockchain based Mesh Networking, Aniruddh Rao, India Improving The Performances Of LoRa Based Wireless Transceivers, Nikola Jovalekic, Serbia Testbed experiences in Internet of Things, Adnan Noor Mian, Pakistan Autonomous management and distribution of intelligence in the context of smart cities, Frantz Tossa, Benin Guatemala’s Remote Sensing CubeSat, José Antonio Bagur Nájera, Guatamala Robot Save, Dessap Loic, Cameroon


Iain Darby (IAEA NAPC/PH-NSIL), Marco Zennaro (ICTP T/ICT4D), Maria Liz Crespo (ICTP MLab), Local Organiser: Marco Zennaro