Starts 29 May 2006
Ends 3 Jun 2006
Central European Time
Trieste - Italy
Main Building Main Lecture Hall
co-sponsored by: the Max-Planck-Institut für Physik - Theorie, Munich, Germany and the Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) A Workshop on Four Dimensional String Physics Focusing on Four Dimensional String Vacua, the workshop will discuss the theory and phenomenology of string vacua with emphasis on understanding the landscape of vacua, string model building and the path from string vacua to LHC physics and cosmology. The main idea of the workshop is to highlight important new developments and problems and to stimulate discussion of these through a small number of daily talks and discussion sessions.


Directors: B. Acharya, F. Denef, M. Douglas, S. Kachru, D. Luest, E. Silverstein