Starts 6 Feb 2014
Ends 7 Feb 2014
Central European Time
Trieste - Italy
Mobile Science (6 February 2014) followed by Science Dissemination for the Disabled (7 February 2014) m-Science as such, comprises three main subjects of interest with a great impact on the society: sensing, computing and dissemination of scientific knowledge by the use of mobile devices. As a follow up of our previous first workshop on m-Science (held in Trieste in 2010), the stateof-the-art topics to be covered are among others:

• mobile data collection and environmental monitoring, e.g., in caves and Karst areas,
• participatory remote sensing at large scale,
• use of mobile devices to raise scientific awareness and promote education for all,
• capture brainwave data to mobile devices,
• access to science by the disabled. Particular attention will be paid towards innovation within a scientific environment and the existing projects and technologies to be usable by people with disabilities to study science. 


E. Canessa, C. Fonda, M. Zennaro, K. Trivedi.
ICTP Local Organizer: E. Canessa