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December 10, 2022 (Saturday)

8:30 AM – 10:00 AM (PhST) or 1:30 – 3:00 AM (CET)

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Guest Speaker:
Emeritus Teaching Professor in Physics, University of California – Santa Barbara


About the Talk:
James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), the largest space telescope ever built, is now in permanent orbit around the Sun. In this talk, Professor Freedman will explain what the telescope is for, how it differs from other space telescopes like Hubble, and what astronomers are learning - and hope to learn - by using JWST.


About the Speaker:
Professor Roger Freedman is an emeritus teaching professor of physics at the University of California, Santa Barbara (USCB). He has co-authored several best-selling textbooks, including University Physics (Pearson), College Physics (Macmillan), Universe (W. H. Freeman), and Investigating Astronomy (W. H. Freeman). He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of California campuses in San Diego and Los Angeles and did his doctoral research in theoretical nuclear physics at Stanford University. He holds a commercial pilot’s license and is an academic advisor to UCSB Women’s and Men’s Rowing. He was an early organizer of the San Diego Comic-Con, now the world’s largest popular culture convention, and today is a member of the board of directors of San Diego Comic Fest, an annual convention that recaptures the spirit of Comic-Con in its early years. He has appeared as a mad scientist and supervillain in both Marvel and DC comics. He is currently working on an educational comic book for physics students.

Organizing Team:

Christine Adelle Rico-Yuson, Central Mindanao University (Program Lead)

Reina Reyes, National Institute of Physics, University of the Philippines
Cecilia O. Bucayong, Central Mindanao University
Bienvenido M. Butanas, Central Mindanao University
Vanie Y. Benben, Central Mindanao University
Sherwin M. Cupida, Central Mindanao University
Jake H. Destacamento, Department of Education – Bukidnon
Ida Lyn A. Azuelo, Bukidnon National High School
Joy Lyn D. Dela Cruz, Caraga State University- Cabadbaran Campus

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