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Starts 12 May 2023 08:00
Ends 31 Dec 2023 09:00
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Physics Latam - New Seminar Series
Mathematics and High Energy Physics Seminars

Physics Without Frontiers (PWF) and PhysicsLatam are thrilled to launch a new seminar series on Mathematics and High Energy Physics, starting on May 12th 2023. Join us for insightful talks from renowned scholars, aimed at deepening our understanding of these fascinating subjects. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to broaden your knowledge and engage in stimulating discussions.

The seminars will be held usually, but not necessarily, on Fridays and will feature presentations by leading researchers in both fields.

These seminars aim to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and the dissemination of the latest research findings in mathematics and high energy physics, with a pedagogical approach. We invite all interested Latin American students, researchers and scholars to attend and participate in these exciting events.

For further information about the series, please visit our web page. The list of the upcoming seminars is also available on this web page (scroll down)

To see the entire and updated list of speakers please visit


Mark your calendars and plan to join us for what promises to be a fascinating series of seminars. To add the Math & HEP Seminars to your Google Calendar, please click this link.

Zoom ID: 835 9644 8829

Password: HEPLatam

Time: Usually 10-12 (GMT-4), starting from May 12th 2023.


Project coordinator

Daniel Galviz, YMSC (Tsinghua University) & ICTS (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research).

All seminars in the series

Rajesh Gopakumar,  Director of ICTS-TIFR -  Gauge-String Duality
(Inaugural Seminar: Friday 12 May 2023. Time: 10:30-12 GMT-4)

Guillermo Silva, La Plata University - Introduction to Supersymmetry

(Dates: Tuesday  25 April, Wednesday  3 May, Wednesday 10 May. Time: 14-16 GMT-4)

Max Wiesner, Harvard University - Introduction to Superstring Theory
(Date: Friday May 19  2023. Time: 10-12 GMT-4)

Iván Burbano Aldana, UC Berkeley - A Journey Through Physical Mathematics
(Date: Monday 22 May 2023. Time: 10-12 GMT-4)

Artan Sheshmani, Harvard University  & BIMSA Tsinghua University - Super Gromov-Witten invariants on almost Kähler varieties
(Date: Friday 26 May 2023,. Time: 10-12 GMT-4)

Irene Valenzuela, CERN & IFT Madrid -  Entering the Swampland
(Date: Thursday 1 June 2023. Time: 10-12 GMT-4)

Nikita Nekrasov,  Stony Brook University - The Count of Instantons
(Date: Monday 5 June 2023. Time: 10-12 GMT-4)

Eugenia Colafranceschi, UC Santa Barbara - Holographic entanglement entropy in Quantum Gravity
(Date: Thursday 8  June 2023 Time: 10-12 GMT-4)

Johanna Knapp, Melbourne University -  Gauged linear sigma models and Calabi-Yaus
(Date: Friday 9 June 2023. Time: 8-10 GMT-4)

Gaston Giribet, New York University - Introduction to AdS/CFT
(Date: Thursday 13 June 2023. Time: 10-12 GMT-4)

Mauricio Romo, Tsinghua University - Algebraic Geometry and String Theory
(Date: Monday 19 June 2023. Time: 10-12 GMT-4)

Juan Pedraza, IFT Madrid - Quantum Black Holes
(Date: Tuesday 20 June 2023. Time: 10-12 GMT-4)

Xenia de la Ossa, Oxford University - Calabi -Yau and their Moduli
(Date: Wednesday 28 June 2023. Time: 10-12 GMT-4)

Anamaría Font, Central Venezuela University - Title TBA
(Date:  Wednesday 5 July 2023. Time: 10-12 GMT-4)

Olga Papadoulaki, Perimeter Institute - Matrix Models and String Theory
(Date: Friday 7 July 2023. Time: 10-12 GMT-4)

Alessandro Tomasiello, Milano-Bicocca University - Tori Geometry for String Theory
(Date: Monday 10 July 2023.Time: 10-12 GMT-4)

Lavinia Heisenberg, ETH Zurich - Tests of GR with Cosmology
(Date: Friday 21 July 2023. Time: 10-12 GMT-4)

Dmitrii Pirozhkov, Université de Paris - Essential Algebraic Tools for Algebraic Geometry
(Date: Friday 28 July 2023. Time: 10-12 GMT-4)

Delgado, IFT Madrid - Title TBA
(Date: Friday 11 August 2023. Time: 10-12 GMT-4)

Fernando Quevedo, Cambridge University - Cosmology, Inflation and Strings
(Date: Tuesday 15 August 2023. Time: 10-12 GMT-4)

Sunil Mukhi, IISER PUNE  & ICTS-TIFR - Title TBA
(Date: Friday 18 August 2023. Time: 10-12 GMT-4)

Alejandra Castro, Cambridge University - Black Holes on AdS/CFT
(Date: Tuesday 22 August 2023. Time: 10-12 GMT-4)

Richard Thomas, Imperial College London - Spec and Proj 
(Date: Friday 25 August 2023. Time: 10-12 GMT-4)
Daniel Huybrechts, Bonn University - Algebraic Geometry of Käehler Varieties
(Date: TBA)
Claire Voisin,  IMJ-Paris Rive Gauche - Title TBA
(Date: TBA)
Lothar Göttsche,  ICTP - Title TBA
(Date: TBA)

Martijn Kool, Utrecht University - Algebraic geometry and Vafa-Witten Theory
(Date: Friday 8 September 2023. Time: 10-12 GMT-4 )

Yalong Cao, RIKEN Institute - Title TBA
(Date: Friday 15 September  2023. Time: 10-12 GMT-4)

Pranav Pandit, ICTS-TIFR -  Moduli spaces in Quantum Field Theory and String Theory
(Date: TBA)

Nathan Jacob Berkovits,  Director of ICTP-SAIFR -  Title TBA
(Date: TBA)

Nicolai Reshetikhin, Tsinghua University UC Berkeley -  Title TBA
(Date: TBA)

Matt von Hippel, Niels Bohr Institute - Scattering Amplitudes: Polylogarithms and Beyond
(Date: Friday 13 October  2023. Time: 10-12 GMT-4)

Sunghyuk Park, UT Austin - Spectral Networks
(Date: TBA)

Daniel Galviz,  YMSC  Tsinghua University -  Topological String Theory
(Date: TBA)

Thomas Dumitrescu, UCLA - Localization Techniques in QFT
(Date: TBA)

Claudia Scheimbauer, TU München - TQFT and Higher Categories
(Date: TBA)

Catherine Cannizzo,  UC- Riverside -  Geometry of Landau-Ginzburg models and Homological Mirror symmetry
(Date: TBA)

Chien-Yeah, Seng Washington University - Chiral Perturbation Theory
(Date: TBA)

Cari Cesarotti,  MIT - Beyond Standard Model
(Date: TBA)