Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 13 Jun 2023 11:00
Ends 13 Jun 2023 12:00
Central European Time
Hybrid seminar
Luigi Stasi Seminar Room + Zoom

Matteo Marinelli
(JILA - University of Colorado Boulder)

In May 2021, ETH Zurich and the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) established the ETH-PSI Quantum Computing Hub to advance quantum technologies. The hub brings together trapped ions and superconducting qubits to scale current quantum platforms to larger quantum systems of tens of qubits, exploring the synergy of different technologies. In the first part of this talk, I will present the first room-temperature setup we built designed for the individual control of up to 50 trapped-ion qubits with high fidelity. This system houses a monolithic, segmented 3D ion trap fabricated through laser-enhanced etching of fused silica and makes use of laser-written waveguides to individually control each qubit.
In the second part, I will discuss preliminary results obtained at JILA working with Rydberg atoms in optical tweezer arrays. The low-vibration cryostat and a high optical access vacuum chamber enable us to develop a novel system that leverages scalable, ultracold Rydberg atom arrays for programmable quantum computation. The high-optical access vacuum chamber will allow us to create and control a large array using 3D optical lattices with site-resolved addressability and interaction control aided by optical tweezers. We will harness a bi-chromatic magic lattice to provide identical confinement for both ground and Rydberg states.