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Starts 11 Mar 2024 09:00
Ends 31 Jul 2024 20:00
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Advanced Lectures on Theoretical Physics & Math
Supporting teaching and research in Latin America

Physics Latam will offer an online advanced course in Gauge/Gravity Duality for undergraduate and graduate students in Latin America.

The Gauge/Gravity Duality course, will be taught online from 11th March to 31st July 2024 by Robinson Mancilla (UC, Santa Barbara). Physics students from different universities in Latin America will be trained in AdS/CFT correspondence, Large-N methods to Field theory, Holographic dictionary, etc. Every student who successfully completes the course will receive an ICTP-PWF certificate at the end.

This course provides an introduction to Gauge/Gravity duality using a bottom-up approach. Initially, it bridges the gap between standard GR/QFT courses and the advanced topics essential for understanding holography (Units 1 and 2). Unit 3 introduces the basics of the CFT side of the duality, while Unit 4 focuses on the holographic dictionary, particularly the role of symmetries. Discussions will include the GKP-Witten and extrapolate dictionaries, thermal dynamics, and the fundamentals of JT gravity.

Goals and deliverables
Help students in Latin America by teaching lectures on Holography correspondence.
Help students to be familiar with advanced research topics in AdS/CFT.
Students will solve weekly assignments on these topics.
Top students without MSc./Ph.D. will be mentored to pursue studies abroad, giving advice and recommendations about scholarships at international programs.

The application procedure is now open HERE. For more information visit our Website.

Robinson Mancilla, UC-Santa Barbara

Teaching Assistants
Sergio Aguilar Gutierrez, KU Leuven
Martí Berenguer Mimó, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

Guest Speakers
Francesco Benini, SISSA
Jan de Boer, University of Amsterdam
David Berenstein, UC Santa Barbara
Veronika Hubeny, UC Davis
Natalie M. Paquette, Washington University
Spenta Wadia, ICTS-TIFR

Coordinator and Project Director
Daniel Galviz, YMSC (Tsinghua University)