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Starts 11 Mar 2024 08:00
Ends 31 Jul 2024 18:00
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Advanced Lectures on Theoretical Physics & Math
Supporting teaching and research in Latin America

Physics Latam will offer an online advanced course in Condensed Matter Field Theory for undergraduate and graduate students in Latin America.
The Condensed Matter Field Theory course, will be taught online from 11th March to 31st July 2024 by Mateo Moreno Gonzalez (University of Cologne).  Physics students from different universities in Latin America will be trained in Condensed Matter Theory, Quantum Field Theory Applications, and Solid Physics and its applications to matter. Every student who successfully completes the course will receive an ICTP-PWF certificate at the end.
Condensed Matter Physics is the study of matter and its phases, from superconductivity to quantum Hall effects. Often, these novel phenomena emerge from the low-energy degrees of freedom within a microscopic description of the system. Given that the problems in condensed matter physics involve interactions and many particles, it is natural to use the machinery of quantum field theory to understand the emergent phenomena in this complex microscopic description. The aim of this course is to introduce concepts and theories from condensed matter field theory and analyze them through the lens of quantum field theory. To achieve this goal, we will present the basic techniques of quantum field theory and many-body physics, along with examples and applications. Syllabus.

Goals and deliverables
- Help students in Latin America by teaching lectures on Condensed Matter Field Theory.
- Help students to be familiar with advanced research topics in Condensed Matter.
- Students will solve weekly assignments on these topics.
- Top students without MSc./Ph.D. will be mentored to pursue studies abroad, giving advice and recommendations about scholarships at international programs.

The application procedure is now open HERE.  For more information visit our Website.

Mateo Moreno Gonzalez (University of Cologne, DE)

Teaching Assistants
Weyner Ccuiro Montalvo (SISSA, IT)
Ronald Cortes Santamaria (SISSA, IT)

Guest Speakers:
Alexander Altland, University of Cologne
Johanna Erdmenger, University of Würzburg
Cristiane Morais-Smith, University of Utrecht
Rahul Nandkishore, University of Colorado
Steven H. Simon, University of Oxford 
Ruben Verresen, University of Chicago

Organizer and Project Director
Daniel Galviz, YMSC (Tsinghua University)