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Sara Murciano
Entanglement plays a key role in different fields of physics. This talk focuses on two aspects where understanding its behaviour yields intriguing results: measurements and symmetries. The first topic explores how weak measurements alter the properties of critical models: We identify different protocols wherein measurements (i)  weakly modify the universal long-range entanglement and (ii) they completely obliterate it. As a potential practical application of this setup, I will show how it can be used to enable the teleportation of quantum states between distant parties and to what extent the entanglement of a many-body wavefunction transfers under imperfect teleportation protocols. The second subject concerns the study of the symmetry breaking in a subsystem. This investigation leads to the definition of the entanglement asymmetry, which neatly detects novel physical out-of-equilibrium features, in particular an unexpected quantum version of Mpemba effect.
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