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Giuseppe Magnifico
(University of Bari, Italy)

Gauge theories are of paramount importance in our understanding of fundamental constituents of matter and their interactions, ranging from high-energy particle physics to low-temperature quantum many-body physics. However, the complete characterization of their phase diagrams and the full understanding of non-perturbative effects are still debated, especially at finite charge density, mostly due to the sign problem affecting Monte Carlo numerical simulations. In recent years, a complementary numerical approach, Tensor Networks (TN) methods, in strict connection with emerging quantum technologies, has found increasing applications for studying Lattice Gauge Theories (LGTs). In this talk, I will present some recent results concerning the application of TN algorithms to the study of LGTs including fermionic matter. In particular, I will focus on phase diagrams at equilibrium, but also intriguing dynamical phenomena such as string-breaking and scattering effects.
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