Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 22 Jul 2024 05:00
Ends 26 Jul 2024 15:00
Universidad Internacional del Ecuador (UIDE), Quito, Ecuador
Physics Without Frontiers (PWF) jointly with Grupo de Investigadores Latitud Cero, the School of Physical Sciences and Nanotechnology of Yachay Tech University, Universidad International del Ecuador (UIDE), the Physics Department of Escuela Politécnica Nacional, and UNESCO-Quito are pleased to announce our upcoming summer “School of Programming for Scientific Research - EPIC 4: Harnessing Data for Scientific Discovery - A Deep Dive into Data Analysis and Machine Learning for Physical and Life Sciences”.
The 4th edition of EPIC will focus on introducing computational techniques for the analysis of scientific data and images by using the programming languages (python, matlab, mathematica) as tools. Instructors will present real research problems to illustrate the use of computational tools in the experimental or theoretical study of physical systems. Basic programming notions are essential to sign up for this workshop.
The 4th edition of EPIC will focus on introducing techniques for data analysis and image processing using Python and other programming languages as the main tools. EPIC 4 will have plenary talks on various topics and dedicated tutorials on simulation and data analysis in physics, machine learning for physics and life  sciences, observational astronomy and computational astrophysics, high-energy  (particle) physics, and materials science. By the end of this school, participants will have the ability to perform basic data analysis on unprocessed raw data and images to extract important information about physical systems. Participants will also have the opportunity to present their own research work during a dedicated session.
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- Hernán Andrés Morales-Navarrete; Universität Konstanz, Germany
- Wladimir Banda-Barragán; Yachay Tech University, Ecuador
- Helga Dénes; Yachay Tech University, Ecuador
- Paulina Vizcaíno; Universidad Internacional del Ecuador, Ecuador
- Henrry M. Osorio; Escuela Politécnica Nacional, Ecuador
- Iván Reyes; Universidad Internacional del Ecuador, Ecuador
- Nelson Herrera; Universidad Internacional del Ecuador, Ecuador
- Vladimir Bonilla; Universidad Internacional del Ecuador, Ecuador
- Clara Rojas; Yachay Tech University, Ecuador