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The physics of interacting Dirac systems has witnessed an explosion of activity in recent years, with the focus clearly shifting from the description of topologically non-trivial band structures and single-particle physics to the many-body and non-equilibrium effects. This includes the emerging understanding of the Hubbard model on honeycomb lattice, nodal semimetals and Weyl elementary excitations, graphene in effective magnetic fields, systems with the quadratic band touching points, and alike. The Conference will focus on different aspects of the interplay between interactions and topology including but not limited to the discussion of:

 	- Topological phases of interacting Dirac systems
 	- Effects of disorder and Anderson localization
 	- Real and artificial magnetic fields coupled to Dirac fermions
 	- Effects of long-range interaction in real and artificial 2D and 3D materials
 	- Non-equilibrium dynamics and quantum transport in Dirac and Weyl systems
 	- Engineering of interaction-induced topological states

The goal of this conference is to bring together a diverse group of theorists and experimentalists actively working on the above and related problems, for a week of talks and discussions. The program will include invited and contributed talks and a poster session. Time will be reserved for informal discussions within several round tables devoted to both “smoking-gun” experiments and theories. The poster session with short presentation of posters will give an opportunity for young scientists to present their recent results.
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  • Wednesday, 3 August 2016
    • 08:30 - 21:45
      • 08:30 Registration and Administrative formalities 45'
      • 09:15 Opening 15'
      • 09:30 Reduction of the classification of topological insulators and superconductors by quartic interactions 45'
        Speaker: A. Furusaki (RIKEN, Japan)
        Material: Abstract
      • 10:15 Z$_2$ and Chiral Anomalies in Topological Dirac Semimetals 45'
        Speaker: A. Burkov (University of Waterloo)
        Material: Abstract
      • 11:00 Coffee break 30'
      • 11:30 Quantum Monte Carlo for Carbon Nanotubes 45'
        Speaker: T. Lähde (Jülich Inst. for Nuclear Physics)
        Material: Abstract Slides Supporting Materials
      • 12:15 Lunch break 1h45'
      • 14:00 Realization of Topological Anderson Insulators 45'
        Speaker: J. Zeuner (Fiedrich-Schiller Univ Jena)
        Material: Abstract
      • 14:45 Contributed talk: Interaction effects on the bulk and edge physics of topological insulators 25'
        Speaker: M. Hohenadler (University of Wurzburg)
        Material: Abstract
      • 15:10 Contributed talk: The role of electron-electron interactions in graphene 25'
        Speaker: S. Adam (Yale-NUS College, Singapore)
        Material: Abstract
      • 15:35 Coffee break 30'
      • 16:05 Contributed talk: Anomalous Hall effect on the surface of topological Kondo insulators 25'
        Speaker: A. Levchenko (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
        Material: Abstract
      • 16:30 Free time 3h0'
      • 19:30 Welcome Reception 1h30'
  • Thursday, 4 August 2016
    • 09:30 - 19:35
      • 09:30 Spiraling energy dispersion of arc states in Weyl semimetals 45'
        Speaker: A. Andreev (Univ of Washington Seattle)
        Material: Abstract
      • 10:15 Tunable quantum Hall states and electron interactions in few-layer graphene 45'
        Speaker: C.N. Lau (Univ of California, Riverside)
        Material: Abstract
      • 11:00 Coffee break 30'
      • 11:30 Synthetic dimensions and geometries with ultracold atoms 45'
        Speaker: A. Celi (ICFO Barcelona)
        Material: Abstract
      • 12:15 Lunch break 1h45'
      • 14:00 Fermion masses without spontaneous symmetry breaking 45'
        Speaker: S. Chandrasekharan (Duke University)
        Material: Abstract
      • 14:45 Comparative study of Dirac/Weyl semimetals and topological/Chern insulators: thin-film point of view 45'
        Speaker: K. Imura (Hiroshima University)
        Material: Abstract
      • 15:30 Coffee break 30'
      • 16:00 Contributed talk: Fermionic quantum criticality in Hubbard models 25'
        Speaker: F. Parisen Toldin (University of Wurzburg)
        Material: Abstract
      • 16:25 Contributed talk: Chiral magnetic effect and natural optical activity in metals with or without Weyl points 25'
        Speaker: D. Pesin (University of Utah)
        Material: Abstract
      • 16:50 POSTER SESSION 2h0'
  • Friday, 5 August 2016
    • 09:30 - 17:15
      • 09:30 A constructive approach to topological insulators and topological order 45'
        Speaker: C. Mudry (Paul Scherrer Institut)
        Material: Abstract
      • 10:15 Universal metal-insulator transition with Dirac electrons 45'
        Speaker: S. Sorella (SISSA, Trieste)
        Material: Abstract
      • 11:00 Coffee break 30'
      • 11:30 A cold grip on topology: the Haldane model 45'
        Speaker: T. Esslinger (ETH Zurich)
        Material: Abstract
      • 12:15 Lunch break 1h45'
      • 14:00 Berry phases and the thermal Hall effect in vortex state of nodal d-wave superconductors 45'
        Speaker: O. Vafek (Florida State University)
      • 14:45 Contributed talk: Realistic model for electron-electron interactions in graphene 25'
        Speaker: J. Rodrigues (National University of Singapore)
        Material: Abstract
      • 15:10 Contributed talk: Spontaneously broken particle-hole symmetry on the Lieb lattice 25'
        Speaker: M. Bercx (University of Wurzburg)
        Material: Abstract
      • 15:35 Coffee break 30'
      • 16:05 Contributed talk: Strong correlations in massive and massless Dirac systems 25'
        Speaker: S. A. Jafari (Sharif University of Technology, Tehran)
        Material: Abstract
  • Saturday, 6 August 2016
    • 09:30 - 14:45
      • 09:30 Monte Carlo Approach to 2d Quantum Critical Phenomena using U(2N)-Invariant Fermions 45'
        Speaker: S. Hands (Swansea University)
        Material: Abstract
      • 10:15 Simulating analogue holography in flexible Dirac semi-metals 45'
        Speaker: D. Khveshchenko (University North Carolina)
        Material: Abstract
      • 11:00 Coffee break 30'
      • 11:30 General discussion 45'
      • 12:15 Lunch break 1h45'
  • Monday, 8 August 2016
    • 09:30 - 17:30
      • 09:30 Topological Physics in HgTe-based Quantum Devices 45'
        Speaker: L. Molenkamp (University of Wurzburg)
        Material: Abstract
      • 10:15 Universal transport properties of interacting lattice Dirac systems 45'
        Speaker: V. Mastropietro (University of Milan)
        Material: Abstract
      • 11:00 Coffee break 30'
      • 11:30 Contributed talk: Spontaneous breaking of Lorentz symmetry in QED3 25'
        Speaker: L. Janssen (TU Dresden)
        Material: Abstract
      • 11:55 Contributed talk: Josephson current through a quantum dot attached to time-reversal topological superconducting wires 25'
        Speaker: L. Arrachea (UNSAM, Argentina)
        Material: Abstract
      • 12:20 Lunch break 1h40'
      • 14:30 Dirac Award Ceremony 3h0' ( Leonardo Building - Budinich Lecture Hall )
  • Tuesday, 9 August 2016
    • 09:30 - 12:15
      • 09:30 Interaction effects in 2D crystals probed by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy 45'
        Speaker: L. Tapaszto (Res Cent Nat Sci, Hungary)
        Material: Abstract
      • 10:15 Absence of Anderson localization in class-A Dirac systems: a lattice perspective 45'
        Speaker: E. Vieira de Castro (University of Lisbon)
        Material: Abstract
      • 11:00 Coffee break 30'
      • 11:30 Closing Ceremony 30'