Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 14 Nov 2016
Ends 18 Nov 2016
Central European Time
San Jose - Costa Rica

This workshop will include theoretical lectures on climate variability and change over Central America and Mexico, along with tutorial sessions on the use of the RegCM4 model over the region. An important aim for this workshop is to strengthen the community of users of the RegCM4 model in Mexico and Central America. A limited number of participants is envisioned, with proven experience in handling climate data and running climate models (in particular RCMs), and that have interest in using the RegCM4 as a tool for regional climate studies.

Invited speakers include: Chris Castro, Univ. of Arizona, USA; Graziano Giuliani, ICTP, Italy; Kyo Lee, NASA, USA; Matias Mendez, Univ. Veracruzana, Mexico; Sara Rauscher, Univ. of Delaware, USA; Raymond Arritt, Iowa State Univ., USA; Ruth Cerezo-Mota, UNAM, Mexico; Tereza Cavazos, CICESE, Mexico; Tercio Ambrizzi, Univ. of Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Filippo Giorgi, Erika Coppola, Ramon Fuentes Franco, Jorge Amador Astua, Erick R. Rivera, Hugo Hidalgo,
ICTP Local Organizer: Filippo Giorgi