Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 4 Jul 2016
Ends 15 Jul 2016
Central European Time
AGH (Kastler Lecture Hall)
Strada Costiera, 11 I - 34151 Trieste (Italy)
Online Application Link:

DEADLINES for applying:
If financial support or visa required:        15 March 2016
If NO financial support or visa required:   15 May 2016

        Nowadays, computational materials science has several challenges: 1) keep the accuracy of the model to appropriately obtain the physical properties of the materials; 2) integrate the methodologies available for the different time and length scales, ranging from electronic, atomistic to mesoscopic and continuum levels required to study some physical-chemical phenomena and 3) provide key information to be directly applied in the energy sector at an industrial level.

         This College aims to bring a multiscale view of the materials modelling techniques for energy applications. More specifically, a multiscale methodology ranging from atomistic to mesoscopic and continuum methods will be presented with potential use of materials for industrial applications in: (i) fuel cells and catalysts, (ii) rechargeable batteries, (iii) solar energy conversion and solar fuels, (iv) semiconductors for light emitting technologies and (v) oil recovery techniques. It will also include general lectures on the socio economic impact related to the choice of energy technologies, experimental challenges and engineering challenges. 
- Big Picture Challenges
- Experimental Challenges
- Engineering Challenges
- Socio-Economic and Political Challenges
- Multiscale Computational Modeling of Materials
- Fuel Cells
- Batteries
- Enhanced Oil Recovery
- Nanostructured Materials for Energy Applications
       The College is aimed at physicists and engineers, experts in energy applications, either carrying out research or working in the academic or industrial sector in the field, and with a background in computer simulations related to condensed matter physics, chemistry or materials science. Participants are encouraged to make a poster.  If interested, kindly submit a short one-page abstract of the contribution (size A4), attached to the online application. As the event will be conducted in English, participants should have adequate working knowledge of this language.
Deadline (if requesting financial support or visa): 15 March 2016. Deadline (not asking for financial support or visa): 15 May 2016.
**DEADLINE: 15/03/2016**


Alejandro Franco, Ralph Gebauer, Cateano Rodrigues Miranda, Federico Rosei, and Nicola Seriani, ICTP Organizers: Ralph Gebauer and Nicola Seriani