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For Participants NOT staying at the ICTP Guest Houses and for
ALL Directors and Speakers, please register on Monday, 13 November,
from 8.30 - 9.30  in office no. 3 at the Adriatico Guest House, lower level 1

Upon arrival, please make sure to pick up your Conference folder
in your mailbox at the Adriatico Guest House, lower level 1.


This Conference will showcase the most recent progresses in the experiments on two-dimensional quantum systems, including cold-atom setups and other condensed matter systems, as well as the theoretical and numerical techniques used in their study.

The Programme will include 25 to 30 oral presentations given by invited speakers, a poster session, and a limited number of short talks selected from contributed Abstracts.

In the application form, all applicants are invited to submit an Abstract (preferably using the template indicated below) for a poster presentation. A limited number of contributed Abstracts will be selected by the Organizing Committee for a short oral presentation.
Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless phase transitions
Two-dimensional optical lattices
Dipolar interactions
Hubbard models and their implementation
Exotic band structures
BCS-BEC evolution in two-dimensions
Metal-insulator transitions
Disorder and Anderson localization
Synthetic fields and spinor mixtures
Layered superfluids and superconductors
Speakers include:
A. Amaricci, SISSA
S. Andergassen, Universitaet Tuebingen
G. Booth, King’s College London
M. Capone
C. Chin, University of Chicago
P. Corboz, University of Amsterdam
J. Dalibard, Laboratoire Kastler Brossel
T. Enss, Universität Heidelberg
K. Gao, Universität Bonn
S. Giorgini, Università di Trento
D. Greif, Harvard University
S. Jochim, Universität Heidelberg
C. Kollath, Universität Bonn
H. Moritz, Universität Hamburg
T. Paiva, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
P. Pieri, Università di Camerino
S. Raghu, Stanford University, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
G. Rohringer, Russian Quantum Center
F. Scazza, LENS, INO-CNR, Firenze
N. Trivedi, The Ohio State University
C. Vale, Swinburne University of Technology
D. Vilardi, MPI, Stuttgart, Germany
X. Wang, The University of Chicago
M. Zwierlein, MIT

A limited number of grants are available to support the travel and living expenses of selected participants, with strong priority given to participants working in a developing country and who are at the early stages of their career.

We also acknowledge financial support from:
University of Bonn
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
SISSA - Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati
CECAM - Centre Europeen de Calcul Atomique et Moleculaire

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  • Monday, 13 November 2017
    • 09:30 - 09:40 Welcome Addresses
      Location: Adriatico Guest House ( Adriatico Guest House - Kastler Lecture Hall )
    • 09:40 - 14:00 Chairmen: A. Trombettoni (9.40 - 11.00) - T. Enss (11.30 - 12.40)
      • 09:40 Exploring quantum antiferromagnets with single-site resolution 40'
        Speaker: Daniel GREIF (Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, U.S.A.)
        Material: Abstract
      • 10:20 Probing ultracold Fermi gases after a quench to strong repulsive interactions 40'
        Speaker: Francesco SCAZZA (INO-CNR & LENS, Universita' di Firenze, Sesto Fiorentino, Italy)
        Material: Abstract
      • 11:00 Coffee break 30' ( AGH, Terrace )
      • 11:30 The fate of the Mott-Hubbard transition in two dimensions 40'
        Speaker: Georg ROHRINGER (Russian Quantm Center, Moscow, Russia)
        Material: Abstract Slides locked
      • 12:10 Quantum liquid droplets in a mixture of Bose-Einstein condensates 30'
        Speaker: Julio SANZ (ICFO, Castelldefels, Spain)
        Material: Abstract
      • 12:40 Lunch break 1h20' ( AGH, Cafeteria )
    • 14:00 - 16:30 Chairman: E. Gull (14.00 - 16.20)
      • 14:00 Stripe order in the 2D Hubbard model 40'
        Speaker: Philippe CORBOZ (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
        Material: Abstract Slides
      • 14:40 Disordered fermions in two dimensions: is Anderson insulating phase the only possibility? 30'
        Speaker: Luca DELL'ANNA (Universita' di Padova, Italy)
        Material: Abstract Slides
      • 15:10 Coffee break 30' ( AGH, Terrace )
      • 15:40 Functional RG: from weak to strong coupling in the 2D Hubbard model 40'
        The presentation of Sabine Andergassen is replaced by a talk given by 
        Demetrio Vilardi on the same subject
        Speaker: Demetrio VILIARDI (MPI, Stuttgart, Germany)
        Material: Abstract Slides
    • 18:30 - 20:00 Welcome Reception
      Location: AGH, Cafeteria
  • Tuesday, 14 November 2017
    • 09:00 - 14:00 Chairmen: C. Vale (9.00 - 10.20) - F. Becca (10.50 - 12.10)
      • 09:00 Revisiting BKT physics with uniform atomic gases 40'
        Speaker: Jean DALIBARD (Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, Paris, France)
        Material: Abstract Slides
      • 09:40 Spin transport in the 2D Fermi gases 40'
        Speaker: Tilman ENSS (Universitaet Heidelberg, Germany)
        Material: Abstract
      • 10:20 Coffee break 30' ( AGH, Terrace )
      • 10:50 Exact Boson-Fermion duality on a 3D Euclidean Lattice 40'
        Speaker: Srinivas RAGHU (School of Humanities & Sciences, Stanford, CA, U.S.A.)
        Material: Abstract
      • 11:30 Developments in wave function-based approaches to two-dimensional materials 40'
        Speaker: George BOOTH (King's College London, U.K.)
        Material: Abstract Slides
      • 12:10 Lunch break 1h50' ( AGH, Cafeteria )
    • 14:00 - 16:30 Chairman: F. Scazza (14.00 - 16.20)
      • 14:00 Charge and spin correlations and transport in a 2D Fermi-Hubbard gas 40'
        Speaker: Martin ZWIERLEIN (MIT, Cambridge, MA, U.S.A.)
      • 14:40 Microscopy of two-dimensional atomic Fermi-Hubbard systems in new regimes 30'
        Speaker: Peter SCHAUSS (Princeton University, NJ, U.S.A.)
        Material: Abstract Slides
      • 15:10 Coffee break 30' ( AGH, Terrace )
      • 15:40 Oberservation of the Higgs mode in a strongly interacting fermionic superfluid 40'
        Speaker: Kuiyi GAO (Universitaet Bonn, Germany)
        Material: Abstract Slides locked
    • 17:30 - 19:30 Poster Session with Refreshments
      outside the Kastler Lecture Hall, lower level 
  • Wednesday, 15 November 2017
    • 09:00 - 14:00 Chairmen: D. Greif (9.00 - 10.50) - S. Pilati (11.20 - 12.40)
      • 09:00 High temperature pairing in a strongly interacting two-dimensional Fermi gas 40'
        Speaker: Selim JOCHIM (Universitaet Heidelberg, Germany)
        Material: Abstract Slides
      • 09:40 Two-particle response functions and their relation to NMR experiment in the cuprates 40'
        The presentation by Corinna Kollath is cancelled.
        Speaker: Emanuel GULL (University of Michigan, USA)
      • 10:20 Hidden long-range order in a spin-orbit coupled two-dimensional Bose gas 30'
        Speaker: Joachim BRAND (New Zealand Institute for Advanced Study, Auckland, New Zealand)
        Material: Abstract Slides
      • 10:50 Coffee break 30' ( AGH, Terrace )
      • 11:20 Thermodynamics and quantum anomaly in 2D atomic Fermi gases 40'
        Speaker: Chris VALE (Swinburne University of Technology, Hawthorn, Australia)
        Material: Abstract
      • 12:00 Variational wave functions for multiband Hubbard models 40'
        Speaker: Federico BECCA (CNR-IOM, Trieste, Italy)
        Material: Abstract Slides
      • 12:40 Lunch break 1h20'
  • Thursday, 16 November 2017
    • 09:00 - 14:00 Chairmen: S. Jochim (9.00 - 10.50) - J. Brand (11.20 - 12.30)
      • 09:00 Homogeneous Two-Dimensional Fermi Gases 40'
        Speaker: Henning MORITZ (Universitaet Hamburg, Germany)
        Material: Abstract Slides
      • 09:40 Is quantum phase transition a coherent process? 40'
        Speaker: Cheng CHIN (The University of Chicago, IL, U.S.A.)
        Material: Abstract
      • 10:20 Nonperturbative RG treatment of amplitude fluctuations for |x|4 topological phase transitions 30'
        Speaker: Nicolo' DEFENU (Universitaet Heidelberg, Germany)
        Material: Abstract
      • 10:50 Group Photo followed by Coffee break 30' ( AGH, Terrace )
        The Group Photo will be taken outside on the terrace, weather permitting.
      • 11:20 Superconductivity and charge density wave physics near an antiferromagnetic quantum critical point: insights from Quantum Monte Carlo studies 40'
        Speaker: Xiaoyu WANG (University of Chicago, IL, U.S.A.)
        Material: Abstract Slides
      • 12:00 Superfluid density and critical velocity near the fermionic Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless transition 30'
        Speaker: Brendan MULKERIN (Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia)
        Material: Abstract Slides
      • 12:30 Lunch break 1h30' ( AGH, Cafeteria )
    • 14:00 - 16:30 Chairman: P. Pieri (14.00 - 16.10)
      • 14:00 Topological superfluids in a Fermi-Bose mixture with a high critical temperature 30'
        Speaker: G.M. BRUUN (Aarhus University, Denmark)
        Material: Abstract Slides
      • 14:30 Anderson transition of cold atoms with synthetic spin-orbit coupling in two-dimensional speckle potentials 30'
        Speaker: G. ORSO (Universit ́e Paris Diderot, Paris, France)
        Material: Abstract
      • 15:00 Coffee break 30' ( AGH, Terrace )
      • 15:30 Strong correlation effects in 2D topological quantum phase transitions 40'
        The presentation of Massimo Capone is replaced by a talk given by 
        Adriano Amaricci on the same subject
        Speaker: Adriano AMARICCI (SISSA, Trieste, Italy)
        Material: Abstract Slides
    • 19:00 - 21:00 Buffet Dinner
      Location: AGH, Cafeteria
  • Friday, 17 November 2017
    • 09:00 - 14:10 Chairmen: G.M. Bruun (9.00 - 10.50) - G. Orso (11.20 - 12.20)
      • 09:00 Topological insulator to superconductor transition in two dimensions 40'
        Speaker: Nandini TRIVEDI (The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, U.S.A.)
        Material: Slides
      • 09:40 Dipolar extended Fermi-Hubbard Model in two-dimensions 40'
        Speaker: Thereza de LACERDA PAIVA (UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
        Material: Abstract
      • 10:20 Superfluid density and critical temperature in the two-dimensional BCS-BEC crossover 30'
        Speaker: Luca SALASNICH (Universita' di Padova, Italy)
        Material: Abstract Slides
      • 10:50 Coffee break 30' ( AGH, Terrace )
      • 11:20 Chiral and spin liquid states in the frustrated kagome lattice 30'
        Speaker: Flavia Alejandra GOMEZ ALBARRACIN (FCE-UNLP, La Plata, Argentina)
        Material: Abstract
      • 11:50 Coherence properties of a 2D trapped Bose gas around the superfluid transition with and without disorder 30'
        Speaker: Thomas BOURDEL (CNRS, Universite Paris-Sud, France)
        Material: Abstract
      • 12:20 Lunch break 1h40' ( AGH, Cafeteria )
    • 14:00 - 16:30 Chairman: M. Koehl (14.00 - 16.20)
      • 14:00 Pairing effects in the normal phase of a two-dimensional Fermi gas 40'
        Speaker: Pierbiago PIERI (Universita' di Camerino, Italy)
        Material: Abstract Slides
      • 14:40 Excitonic condensation, quadriexcitons and pairing gap in a symmetric electron-hole bilayer with valley degeneracy 30'
        Speaker: Gaetano SENATORE (Universita' di Trieste, Italy)
        Material: Abstract
      • 15:10 Coffee break 30' ( AGH, Terrace )
      • 15:40 Ultracold dipolar atoms in two dimensions: from Wigner crystal to pair superfluidity and ferromagnetism 40'
        Speaker: Stefano GIORGINI (Universita' di Trento, Italy)
        Material: Abstract Slides
      • 16:20 Closing Session 10'