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The School (4-9 September 2017) covers a broad selection of fundamental topics in quantum science and quantum technology, treated at an advanced level. The Workshop (11-15 September 2017) aims at a comprehensive overview on research in quantum science and technology, including recent results, current trends, and future perspectives.
The purpose of the School is to provide an up-to-date, state of the art knowledge on some of the most important aspects of fundamtental quantum physics, quantum information, and quantum technologies, covering both theoretical and experimental aspects. The targeted audience includes advanced undergraduate and PhD students, as well as post-doctoral fellows and junior researchers. Special attention will be devoted to the training of scientists from emerging countries in line with the fundamental mission of the ICTP. The Workshop brings together a mix of established experts and emerging young researchers to give an in-depth overview on some of the most significant recent research results and on current, cutting-edge research trends in quantum information and quantum technologies. The targeted audience matches that of the School.

• Fundamental Theory: Entanglement, Coherence, Correlations
• Quantum Technologies: Quantum Information, Computation, Sensing, Estimation, Metrology
• Quantum Simulations
• Quantum Thermodynamics
• Quantum Information and Condensed Matter Physics
• Open Quantum Systems
• Algorithms and Optimization
• Ultracold Atoms
• Trapped Ions
• Circuit QED
• Photonics and Photonic Networks
• Spintronics

Lecturers at the School:
G. CARLEO (ETH, Zürich)
J. EISERT (FU, Berlin)
I. GERHARDT (Universität Stuttgart)
G. KIRCHMAIR (Universität Innsbruck)
B. KRAUS (Universität Innsbruck)
D. LOSS (Universität Basel)
M. PATERNOSTRO (Queen’s University, Belfast)
M.B. PLENIO (Universität Ulm)
H. PRICE (Università di Trento)
N. SCHUCH (MPG, München)
E. SOLANO (University of the Basque Country, Bilbao)
C. WUNDERLICH (Universität Siegen)

Invited Speakers at the Workshop:
D. ANGELAKIS (TUC Crete and CQT, Singapore)
S. BLATT (MPG, München)
G. CARLEO (ETH, Zürich)
A. CELI (ICFO, Barcelona)
J. EISERT (FU, Berlin)
A. FEOFANOV (EPFL, Lausanne)
M. FLEISCHHAUER (Universität Kaiserslautern)
G. GIEDKE (University of the Basque Country, Bilbao)
C. GROSS (MPG, München)
P. HAUKE (Universität Heidelberg)
D. JAKSCH (University of Oxford)
G. KIRCHMAIR (Universität Innsbruck)
B. KRAUS (Universität Innsbruck)
S. V. KUSMINSKIY (FAU, Erlangen)
D. LOSS (Universität Basel)
A. MARI (SNS, Pisa)
S. PAESANI (University of Bristol)
M. PATERNOSTRO (Queen’s University, Belfast)
M.B. PLENIO (Universität Ulm)
M. RIZZI (Universität Mainz)
N. SCHUCH (MPG, München)
E. SOLANO (University of the Basque Country, Bilbao)
A. STRELTSOV (University of Technology, Gdánsk)
L. TAGLIACOZZO (University of Strathclyde, Glasgow)
G. TOTH (EHU, Bilbao)
P. WALTHER (Universität Wien)
C. WUNDERLICH (Universität Siegen)
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  • Monday, 11 September 2017
    • 09:00 - 18:25
      • 09:00 Introduction to the Workshop 15'
      • 09:15 Quantum Fluctuation Relations in the Presence of Conserved Quantities 35'
        Speaker: Dieter Jaksch
        Material: Slides Video
      • 09:50 New insights into SLOCC and LOCC transformations among multipartite pure states 35'
        Speaker: Barbara Kraus
        Material: Video
      • 10:25 Cavity Optomagnonics 35'
        Speaker: Silvia Viola Kusminskiy
        Material: Slides Video
      • 11:00 Break 30'
      • 11:30 Spectral signatures of many-body localization of interacting photons 35'
        Speaker: Dimitris G. Angelakis
        Material: Video
      • 12:05 Spin Qubits in Semiconducting Nanostructures 35'
        Speaker: Daniel Loss
        Material: Video
      • 12:40 Exploring quantum magnetism at the single spin and atom level 35'
        Speaker: Christian Gross
        Material: Slides Video
      • 13:15 Lunch break 1h45'
      • 15:00 Topological phases of mixed states and their detection 35'
        Speaker: Michael Fleischhauer
        Material: Slides Video
      • 15:35 Entaglement and topological order: A quantum information perspective 35'
        Speaker: Norbert Schuch
        Material: Video
      • 16:10 Break 30'
      • 16:40 Neural-network quantum states 35'
        Speaker: Giuseppe Carleo
        Material: Video
      • 17:15 Optimal witnessing of the quantum Fisher information with few measurements 35'
        Speaker: Geza Toth
        Material: Slides Video
      • 17:50 Two-photon interference 35'
        Speaker: Ilja Gerhardt
        Material: Video
  • Tuesday, 12 September 2017
    • 08:35 - 18:25
      • 09:00 Resource theory of quantum superpositions 35'
        Speaker: Thomas Theurer
        Material: Slides Video
      • 09:35 Optimal quantum driving of a thermal machine 35'
        Speaker: Andrea Mari
        Material: Slides Video
      • 10:10 Entanglement and coherence in quantum state merging 35'
        Speaker: Alexander Streltsov
        Material: Slides Video
      • 10:45 Break 30'
      • 11:15 Coherent spectroscopy of interacting, ultracold bosons using a clock transition 35'
        Speaker: Fabrice Gerbier
        Material: Slides Video
      • 11:50 Towards quantum many-body physics with Sr in optical lattices 35'
        Speaker: Sebastian Blatt
        Material: Video
      • 12:25 Analog and digital-analogue quantum simulation of the Quantum Rabi Model 35'
        Speaker: Enrique Solano
        Material: Slides Video
      • 13:00 Lunch break 2h0'
      • 15:00 Quantum simulation and spectroscopy of entanglement Hamiltonians 35'
        Speaker: Marcello Dalmonte
        Material: Slides Video
      • 15:35 Energy as a Detector of Nonlocality of Many-Body Spin Systems 35'
        Speaker: Jordi Tura i Brugués
        Material: Slides Video
      • 16:10 Break 30'
      • 16:40 The Aharonov-Bohm effect in mesoscopic Bose-Einstein condensates 15'
        Speaker: Tobias Haug
        Material: Slides
      • 16:55 A Time-Dependent RG Approach to the Adiabatic Ising Model 15'
        Speaker: Peter Mason
      • 17:10 Emergence of entanglement with temperature and time over zero-entanglement states in quantum many-body systems 15'
        Speaker: Amit Kumar Pal
      • 17:25 Entanglement spectrum and topological phase of spin ladder in presence of spin-orbit interaction 15'
        Speaker: Neda Riahi Samani
      • 17:40 Spin resonance under topological driving fields 15'
        Speaker: Andres Reynoso
        Material: Slides
      • 17:55 Quantum Uncertainty relations: Engaging the median when mean is not licit 15'
        Speaker: Anindita Bera
        Material: Slides
      • 18:10 Quantum systems and traversable wormholes 15'
        Speaker: Carlos Sabìn Lestayo
        Material: Slides
  • Wednesday, 13 September 2017
    • 09:00 - 18:20
      • 09:00 Universal Scaling Laws for Correlation Spreading in Quantum Systems 35'
        Speaker: Luca Tagliacozzo
        Material: Slides Video
      • 09:35 Energy localization, quantum chaos, and the meltdown of digital quantum simulation 35'
        Speaker: Philipp Hauke
        Material: Slides Video
      • 10:10 Topological properties and many-body phases of synthetic Hofstadter strips 35'
        Speaker: Alessio Celi
        Material: Slides Video
      • 10:45 Break 30'
      • 11:15 Quantum photonics for novel quantum computing and testing quantum physics foundations 35'
        Speaker: Philip Walther
        Material: Video
      • 11:50 Hamiltonian quantum simulation and learning in integrated quantum photonics 35'
        Speaker: Stefano Paesani
        Material: Slides Video
      • 12:25 Superconducting qubits for analogue quantum simulation 35'
        Speaker: Gerhard Kirchmair
        Material: Slides Video
      • 13:00 Lunch break 1h25'
      • 14:25 Measuring Non-Commuting Observables of a Single Photon via Sequential Weak Values Evaluation 35'
        Speaker: Marco Gramegna
        Material: Video
      • 15:00 Revealing non-classicality of inaccessible objects 35'
        Speaker: Mauro Paternostro
        Material: Video
      • 15:35 Opportunities and challenges in quantum-enhanced machine learning 15'
        Speaker: Alejandro Perdomo Ortiz
      • 15:50 Topological pumping and quantum transport of Fock states in nonlinear resonator arrays 15'
        Speaker: Jirawat Tangpanitanon
      • 16:05 Break 30'
      • 16:35 Photonic quantum simulator for unbiased phase covariant cloning 15'
        Speaker: Laura Knoll
      • 16:50 Simultaneous estimation of parameters encoded in coherent states 15'
        Speaker: Matthieu Arnhem
        Material: Slides
      • 17:05 Engineering Decoherence in an Atom optic Kicked rotor system 15'
        Speaker: Sumit Sarkar
      • 17:20 Measuring non-classicality of quantum channels 15'
        Speaker: Fereshte Shahbeigi
      • 17:35 The Wigner function as measure of quantum correlations 15'
        Speaker: Morad El Baz
        Material: Slides
      • 17:50 Non-reversal Open Quantum Walks 15'
        Speaker: Hazmatally Goolam Hossen
      • 18:05 Fidelity of teleportation of Glauber coherent states 15'
        Speaker: Sanaa Seddik
  • Thursday, 14 September 2017
    • 09:00 - 18:15
      • 09:00 Fundamentals of cavity quantum optomechanics 35'
        Speaker: Alexey Feofanov
        Material: Slides Video
      • 09:35 Elements for scalable quantum information science with trapped ions 35'
        Speaker: Christof Wunderlich
        Material: Slides Video
      • 10:10 Quantum Acoustics and Acoustic Traps and Lattices for Electrons in Semiconductors 35'
        Speaker: Geza Giedke
        Material: Slides Video
      • 10:45 Break 30'
      • 11:15 Trustworthy quantum simulators 35'
        Speaker: Jens Eisert
        Material: Video
      • 11:50 Exploring interacting topological insulators with ultracold atoms: the synthetic Creutz-Hubbard model 35'
        Speaker: Matteo Rizzi
        Material: Slides Video
      • 12:25 Criticality and phase Diagram of Quantum Long-Range Systems 35'
        Speaker: Andrea Trombettoni
        Material: Video
      • 13:00 Lunch break 2h0'
      • 15:00 Polynomial approximation of non-Gaussian unitaries by counting one photon at a time 15'
        Speaker: Francesco Arzani
      • 15:15 Fast and robust phase gates with trapped-ion hyperfine qubits 15'
        Speaker: Iñigo Arrazola
        Material: Slides
      • 15:30 Efficiency and power of superadiabatic quantum engines 15'
        Speaker: Obinna Abah
        Material: Slides
      • 15:45 Role of computational quantum mechanics in biomolecules 15'
        Speaker: Deepa Palanisamy
      • 16:00 Break 30'
      • 16:30 Quantumness of correlations in Fermionic systems 15'
        Speaker: Tiago Debarba
      • 16:45 Quantum shape effects on thermodynamic quantities 15'
        Speaker: Alhun Aydin
      • 17:00 Frozen quantum correlations 15'
        Speaker: Titas Chanda
        Material: Slides
      • 17:15 Classical discord and distortion 15'
        Speaker: Nigum Arshed
      • 17:30 New Bell inequalities for three-qubit pure states 15'
        Speaker: Arpan Das
      • 17:45 Entangled hypergraphs vs. hypergraph states and their role in classification of multipartite entanglement 15'
        Speaker: Masoud Gharahi Ghahi
        Material: Slides
      • 18:00 Necessarily transient quantum refrigerator 15'
        Speaker: Sreetama Das
  • Friday, 15 September 2017
    • 09:00 - 12:30
      Location: Leonardo Building - Budinich Lecture Hall
      • 09:00 Synthesis of vertex colouring problem using Grover’s algorithm 15'
        Speaker: Amit Saha
      • 09:15 Dual correspondence between classical spin models and quantum CSS states 15'
        Speaker: Mohammad Hossein Zarei
        Material: Slides
      • 09:30 Interferometric visibility and coherence 15'
        Speaker: Tanmoy Biswas
      • 09:45 Energy cost of creating quantum coherence 15'
        Speaker: Avijit Misra
      • 10:00 Mutual uncertainty, conditional uncertainty and strong sub-additivity 15'
        Speaker: Sazim Sheikh
      • 10:15 Exact master equation for a spin interacting with a spin bath: non-Markovianity and negative entropy production rate 15'
        Speaker: Samyadeb Bhattacharya
      • 10:30 On non-Markovianity of qubit evolution under action of spin environment 15'
        Speaker: Sagnik Chakraborty
      • 10:45 Break 30'
      • 11:15 Quantum contextuality for a three-level system sans realist model 15'
        Speaker: Kathakali Mandal
      • 11:30 Comparison of non-Markovianity measures in a quantum walk coupled to memory qubits 15'
        Speaker: Burcin Danaci
      • 11:45 Multipartite entanglement measure and its application in quantum communication 15'
        Speaker: Tamoghna Das
      • 12:00 Measuring higher-dimensional entanglement 15'
        Speaker: Chandan Datta