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The policy relevance of understanding past, present, and future climate change and variability and the impact, response and feedbacks of natural and managed ecosystems and many different socio-economic sectors is clear. This has motivated the development of a wide spectrum of techniques and coordinated research efforts around the world aimed at generating robust regional climate change scenarios for the assessment of impacts and vulnerability and associated risks. Progress in observational and modeling capabilities, process understanding, and the development of diverse applications within the scientific, policy and practitioner communities has nurtured the scoping of an ambitious assessment of regional climate change information as part of the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) of Working Group I (WGI). The WGI report will assess processes of global to regional climate change, weather and climate extremes in a changing climate, and climate change information for regional impact and risk assessment. A regional atlas is also proposed as an annex of the WGI report.
The Expert Meeting will address the challenging assessment of regional climate information within the WGI AR6 report that will build on multiple sources of information, including observations, climate model products, downscaling techniques, and understanding of local, regional and large-scale drivers and feedbacks of regional climate and change. It will consider how regional information is used and assessed within the climate change risk assessment framework. It will It will consider the scoping of a regional atlas and the development of mechanisms to strengthen the ‘hand shake’, or integration of the assessment across the IPCC, in particular of regional impacts, vulnerability and risk undertaken by WGII.
The meeting will be organized by a scientific steering committee (SSC) with representation across the three IPCC WGs, supported by the WGI Technical Support Unit. Participation is by invitation. The list of participants will be finalized following the outcome of author selection of the IPCC WG AR6 reports in early February, 2018.

Presentations slides Wed 16 May for download,

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Regional programme draft,

Scientific Steering Committee
Valerie Masson-Delmotte
Panmao Zhai
Carolina Vera
Edvin Aldrian
Greg Flato
Andreas Fischlin
Hans-Otto Portner
Debra Roberts
Mark Howden
Ramon Pichs-Madruga
Technical Support Unit
Anna Pirani
Wilfran Moufouma-Okia
Elvira Poloczanska

Points of contact
Programme: Anna Pirani (IPCC)
Local: Susanne Henningsen (ICTP)

For  ICTP Colloquium Valerie Masson-Delmotte on 17 May 2018 at 16:00, see link:
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