Scientific Calendar Event

Once again, the ICTP is happy to host an event by pupils from the Trieste Secondary School "G. Corsi" in the form of a video production with the participation of ICTP scientists:
Antonio Celani, Research Scientist;  QLS, Alaa Aly Elsayed ALy Elshorbagy, ICTP-SISSA PhD student;  Ali Hassanali, Research Scientist, CMSP,; Matteo Marsili, Research Scientist, QLS and Clement Onime, ICTS.
After presenting the intriguing personalities of Nikola Tesla (2014), Hypatia (2015), "R.U.R. Rossum’s Universal Robots" (2016) in the form of plays, and a video last year, "Ramanujan"(2017), this year the school presents another video, freely inspired by Samuel Beckett's play "Waiting for Godot", about the impacts the digital era has on our present and future lives, the potentials and dangers of technology on humankind in general and interviews with ICTP scientists.
The video "Godot" at 11:30 hrs and at 17:30 hrs (in Italian with English subtitles). 
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