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The first week of this activity (May 27-31) will consist of introductory lectures aimed at graduate students, postdocs, and junior researchers. Topics include – far from equilibrium physics, many-body coherent dynamics, Anderson and many-body localization, and quantum information processing from many-body physics perspective. 

In the second week (June 3-7), we will have conference-style talks on these subjects as well as on a broader array of topics at the forefront of modern research in condensed matter physics and related areas. Additional subjects include quantum gases, superconductivity and superconducting qubits, topological states of matter, integrable systems, low-dimensional physics, disordered systems, quantum thermodynamics, driven and driven-dissipative dynamics etc.

Further information is available on poster below.

NEW DEADLINE for applicants not requesting financial support: 17th March 2019

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