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To achieve the overarching goal of efficient nanoscale heat management, synergistic multidisciplinary collaborations are required, bridging statistical physics, nonlinear dynamics, molecular modeling, materials science, mechanical engineering, nanodevice fabrication and experiments. The purpose of this conference is to bring together researchers with these different backgrounds to discuss the most recent developments in the field of nanophononics.

  • Heat transport in nonlinear systems
  • Phononic devices
  • Thermal radiation: rectification and amplification
  • Heat conduction and phase change systems
  • Thermal cloaking at the nanoscale
S. BARONI, SISSA, Trieste, Italy
O. BOURGEOIS, Institut Néel, Grenoble, France
G. CASATI, University of Insubria, Como, Italy
C.-W. CHANG, National Taiwan University
K. ESFARJANI, University of Virginia, U.S.A.
Z. FAN, Aalto University, Finland
V. GIORDANO, Univ. Lyon, France
S. LEPRI, CNR, Italy
S. MERABIA, ILM Lyon, France
M. NOMURA, University of Tokyo, Japan
L. F. PEREIRA, Univ. Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
R. RURALI, Materials Science Institute, Barcelona, Spain
K. SAITO, Keio University, Yokohama, Japan
L. SHI, University of Texas, Austin, U.S.A.
S. VOLZ, CNRS – University of Tokyo, Japan
C. SEVIK, Eskisehir Technical University, Turkey
M. SIMONCELLI, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
C. SOTOMAYOR TORRES, ICN2, Barcelona, Spain
E. WEIG, University of Constance, Germany
I. ZARDO, Univ. Basel, Switzerland

A limited number of grants are available to support the attendance of selected participants, with priority given to participants from developing countries. There is no registration fee.
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  • Monday, 24 June 2019
    • 10:30 - 12:30
      Location: Adriatico Guest House - (Lower Level 1)
      • 10:30 Administrative and Financial formalities 2h0'
        REGISTRATION: Upon arrival, Visitors not staying in the ICTP Guest Houses, are kindly requested to complete registration formalities at the Adriatico Guesthouse Lower level (Office 3) from 10.30 till 12.30
        TRAVEL UNIT (Only for those Visitors receiving daily living allowance/travel reimbursement)  
        Only after having completed registration formalities, please go to the Travel Unit, EF, Main Entrance, Room T17, ground floor, open two days:  Monday and Friday, 08.30 - 12.00  and 13.30 - 14.30
        Please bring with you: badge/identity card or passport/any travel tickets and boarding passes, if reimbursement due.
    • 14:00 - 21:00
      Location: Adriatico Guest House - Kastler Lecture Hall
      • 14:00 Invited talk 1 “Electro-thermal phenomena in layered van der Waals materials” 45'
        Speaker: Keivan Esfarjani
      • 14:45 Invited talk 2 “Engineering and measuring thermal transport in nanowires” 45'
        Speaker: Ilaria Zardo
      • 15:30 Coffee break 30'
      • 16:00 Invited talk 3 “Nonlinear oscillator chains with long-range interactions coupled to thermal reservoirs” 45'
        Speaker: Stefano Lepri
      • 16:45 Contributed talk 1 “Particular thermal transport phenomena in nanostructures and nanostructured materials” 25'
        Speaker: Konstantinos Termentzidis
      • 17:10 Contributed talk 2 “Thermoelectric efficiency of molecular junctions” 25'
        Speaker: Carmine Antonio Perroni
      • 19:30 Welcome reception 1h30'
        All participants are cordially invited to attend the welcome reception.
  • Tuesday, 25 June 2019
    • 09:00 - 19:00
      Location: Adriatico Guest House - Kastler Lecture Hall
      • 09:00 Invited talk 4 “That kind of motion we call heat: control of the heat current, symmetry breaking and Onsager relations” 45'
        Speaker: Giulio Casati
      • 09:45 Invited talk 5 “Thermal rectification in the ballistic limit in nanostructured 2D ribbons” 45'
        Speaker: Olivier Bourgeois
      • 10:30 Group photo 5'
      • 10:35 Coffee break 25'
      • 11:00 Invited talk 6 “Heat and Hypersound Transport in 2D Phononic Crystals” 45'
        Speaker: Bartlomiej Graczykowski
      • 11:45 Invited talk 7 “Noise-induced nonlinear dynamics of a driven nanomechanical resonator” 45'
        Speaker: Eva Weig
      • 12:30 Lunch break 1h30'
      • 14:00 Invited talk 8 “Non-diffusive thermal conduction in nanotubes and nanowires” 45'
        Speaker: Chih-Wei Chang
      • 14:45 Invited talk 9 “Unified theory of thermal transport in crystals and glasses & viscous heat hydrodynamics” 45'
        Speaker: Michele Simoncelli
      • 15:30 Coffee break 30'
      • 16:00 Contributed talk 3 “Tuning thermal and mechanical properties of porous 2D materials by pore topology engineering” 25'
        Speaker: Ali Rajabpour
      • 16:25 Contributed talk 4 “Thermal conductivity of semiconductor bulk-unconventional phases: the role of anharmonicity and phase space” 25'
        Speaker: Martí Raya Moreno
      • 16:50 Poster session 2h10' ( Adriatico Guest House - (Lower Level 1) )
  • Wednesday, 26 June 2019
    • 09:00 - 12:30
      Location: Adriatico Guest House - Kastler Lecture Hall
      • 09:00 Invited talk 10 “Heat Transport Mediated by Phonons, Electrons, and Spins in Low-Dimensional Systems” 45'
        Speaker: Li Shi
      • 09:45 Invited talk 11 “Molecular Dynamics Simulations of low-dimensional Materials: Accurate Force Field Generation and Investigation of Phononic Properties” 45'
        Speaker: Cem Sevik
      • 10:30 Coffee break 30'
      • 11:00 Invited talk 12 “Phononics learns photonics for heat transport control” 45'
        Speaker: Masahiro Nomura
      • 11:45 Invited talk 13 “Phonon transport in graphene-BN superlattices: Coherence and localization” 45'
        Speaker: Luiz Felipe Pereira
  • Thursday, 27 June 2019
    • 09:00 - 17:10
      Location: Adriatico Guest House - Kastler Lecture Hall
      • 09:00 Invited talk 14 “Heat transport in 2D phononic Crystals and thermal effects in 1D optomechanical nanobeams” 45'
        Speaker: Clivia Sotomayor-Torres
      • 09:45 Invited talk 15 “Toward realization of zero-dimensional heat transfer” 45'
        Speaker: Keiji Saito
      • 10:30 Coffee break 30'
      • 11:00 Invited talk 16 “Ab-initio simulation of heat transport in liquids and anharmonic or disordered solids” 45'
        Speaker: Stefano Baroni
      • 11:45 Invited talk 17 “From glasses to nanocomposites: the dramatic effect of elastic heterogeneities on phonon dynamics and thermal transport” 45'
        Speaker: Valentina Giordano
      • 12:30 Lunch break 1h30'
      • 14:00 Invited talk 18 “Randomness and Localization Effects in Heat Conduction” 45'
        Speaker: Sebastian Volz
      • 14:45 Invited talk 19 “Towards an all-electric control of the heat flux” 45'
        Speaker: Riccardo Rurali
      • 15:30 Coffee break 30'
      • 16:00 Invited talk 20 “Interfacial thermal transport: from Kapitza to near field heat transfer” 45'
        Speaker: Sami Merabia
      • 16:45 Contributed talk 5 “Stressed anharmonic chains in 3D within the framework of the nonlinear fluctuating hydrodynamic theory” 25'
        Speaker: Maria Florencia Carusela
  • Friday, 28 June 2019
    • 09:00 - 12:30
      Location: Adriatico Guest House - Kastler Lecture Hall
      • 09:00 Invited talk 21 “Radiative Thermal Memristor Based on the Thermal Hysteresis of VO2” 45'
        Speaker: Jose Ordonez-Miranda
      • 09:45 Contributed talk 6 “First principles study of the effects of confinement and surface on the phonon optical modes and optical properties of porous Silicon Carbide” 25'
        Speaker: Alejandro Trejo Baños
      • 10:10 Contributed talk 7 “Monte Carlo simulation of the new generation transistors with low-dimensional material channels” 25'
        Speaker: Zahra Shomali
      • 10:35 Coffee break 30'
      • 11:05 Invited talk 22 “homogeneous nonequilibrium molecular dynamics and spectral decomposition methods for phonon transport with many-body potentials” 45'
        Speaker: Zheyong Fan
      • 11:50 Contributed talk 8 “Ballistic phonon transport in nanowires” 25'
        Speaker: Milo Yaro Swinkels
      • 12:15 Closing 15'