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Controlling the spread of correlations in quantum many-body systems is a key challenge at the heart of quantum science and technology. Desired correlations are usually destroyed by dissipation arising from coupling between a system and its environment. Here, we show that dissipation can instead be used to engineer a wide variety of spatio-temporal correlation profiles in an easily tunable manner that is not possible using purely unitary dynamics. We describe how dissipation with any translationally-invariant spatial profile can be realized in cold atoms trapped in an optical cavity. A uniform external field and the choice of spatial profile can be used to design when and how dissipation creates or destroys correlations. We demonstrate this control by preferentially generating entanglement at a desired 'wavelength'. We thus establish spatially inhomogeneous dissipation as a new route towards engineering the far-from-equilibrium dynamics of quantum information, with potential applications in quantum metrology, state preparation, and transport.
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