A collaboration with UNESCO southern Africa regional office, this online workshop will outline how to access and process gridded climate data. 
Based on the eDX open-learning platform, the course will take the form of a series of pre-recorded, video-based lectures, each one focussed on a specific topic outlined below, with related exercises. The course assessment will consist of two larger assignments, which are assessed automatically. The successful completion of the assignments will lead to course certification.  Once a week, the lecturer will be available for an  interactive tutorial sessions to help with issues related to the course. Please note that successful completion of this course is a prerequisite for the selection process of the in-person activity "Climate data and seasonal forecast analysis techniques - II part | (smr 3747)" and related activities.
  • Accessing state-of-the-art reanalysis climate data from the Copernicus Climate Data store
  • Extracting data for specific areas and locations
  • Calculating spatial and temporal statistics and anomalies
  • Calculating derived variables and indices for extreme weather and heatwaves.
  • Making your own ENSO and Indian-Ocean Dipole indices
  • Calculating the impact of ENSO on weather in your region of interest

Registration: There is no registration fee.
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