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The South America-Flagship Pilot Study Initiative (FPS-SA) endorsed by the Coordinated Regional Downscaling Experiment (CORDEX) aims to investigate multi-scale aspects, processes and interactions that result in extreme precipitation events using dynamical models (high resolution, convection permitting and coupled models) and statistical models. With focus on extreme events, the Added Value of dynamical (RCM) and statistical (ESD) downscaling is also explored. The main objective of the conference is to share and discuss results from this initiative with the South and Central American (SAM/CAM) regional modeling community, as well as lessons learned from the experience of European scientists which are relevant to advance with the FPS-SA. The conference is intended not only for researchers actively involved in the FPS- SESA but also for early career SAM/CAM scientists and researchers in the field of regional climate modeling and statistical downscaling and related applications. The conference will include a capacity-building activity focussing on regional climate modeling and the 5th generation version of the model RegCM5, which includes a new non-hydrostatic dynamical core. The activity may be taken by participants of the conference or by other scientists from SAM/CAM. The Conference will have presentations of recent results of the FPS-SESA and discussions on ongoing research activities covering the following topics: * Analysis of dynamical and statistical model results in the South America domain based on convection permitting model simulations and on several ESD methods; * Added Value of dynamical and statistical downscaling in simulating precipitation extremes in southeastern South America; * Lessons learned from the CORDEX FPS over Europe and the Mediterranean on convection permitting modeling and ESD methods: * Climate variability at regional scale influenced by local and remote forcings; * Applications in hydrological and crop models; * The FPS-SESA collaborative experience: future collaborative research and coordinated activities with focus on relevant climate phenomena in South America. Speakers: Santiago Vianna Cuadra, Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, Brazil Michelle Reboita, UNIFEI, Brazil Tereza Cavazos (CICESE, Mexico) Jesús Fernández, CSIC / University of Cantabria, Spain Sin Chan Chou, INPE, Brazil Josipa Milovac, CSIC/University of Cantabria, Spain Moira Evelina Doyle, UBA/CONICET, Argentina Jorge Baño-Medina, CSIC / University of Cantabria, Spain José Manuel Gutierrez, CSIC / University of Cantabria, Spain Erika Coppola, ICTP, Italy Rosmeri Porfirio da Rocha, IAG/USP, Brazil Marta Llopart, São Paulo State University, Brazil Silvina Solman, University of Buenos Aires/CIMA- CONICET, Argentina Maria Laura Bettolli, University of Buenos Aires /CONICET, Argentina Marcelo Barreiro, University of the Republic of Uruguay
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