Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 10 Jul 2006
Ends 28 Jul 2006
Central European Time
Trieste - Italy
The purpose of the School is to provide an introduction to the current state of research in cosmology and astroparticle physics. It is intended for beginning graduate students, as well as more senior non-expert researchers that are interested in these fields. Each course will be 3-4 days long, with lectures during the day and a tutorial session at the end of the day. More specialized seminars will also be scheduled. LECTURERS and TOPICS include: * Tom Abel (Stanford) - The dark ages * Alessandra Buonanno (Maryland) - Gravitational waves * Sean Carroll (Chicago) - Introduction to cosmology and dark energy * Andrea Ferrara (SISSA) - First light in the universe * Ariel Goodbar (Stockholm) - Observational cosmology * Renata Kallosh (Stanford) - String cosmology * Andrei Linde (Stanford) - Inflation * Ue-Li Pen (CITA) - Large scale structure in the universe * Antonio Riotto (Padova) - Early universe * Bernard Sadoulet (Berkeley) - Experimental astroparticle physics and dark matter searches * Max Tegmark (MIT) - Cosmic microwave background * Alexander Vilenkin (Tufts) - Topological defects


Directors: U. Seljak, P. Creminelli