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Through the development of quantum physics, there was deep contradiction in the concepts of understanding the quantum outcome data.  Bohr-Heisenberg interpretation depends on nonlocality and indeterminism and the effect of measuring instrument, Einstein-Schrödinger and others refused these interpretations and concentrated on reality and locality.  Who are right and who are wrong? Up to nowadays no clear decision/ideas in spite of the very expensive sophisticated apparatus used to solve this dilemma and to find the basis of Quantum Physics.  The evidences of polarization, entanglement and teleportation all gave scattered results, especially when repeated.  What is the role of consciousness in measurement?
As Aspect put it:" our conclusion is more a question of taste then logic", while Aspelmeyer says, nonlocality is not enough to save realism from quantum theory.
So do we go to a compromise and accept both ideas or concepts?! That both are right? each in his field of experience.
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