Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 1 Sep 2014
Ends 12 Sep 2014
Central European Time
LB (Main Lecture Hall)
Strada Costiera, 11 I - 34151 Trieste (Italy)
This two-week activity consists of a school on aspects of computational algebra and number theory with an emphasis on modular forms and L-functions in the first week and a more focused workshop on the same theme in the second week. The school is intended for advanced graduate students and young researchers. During the school there will be lectures on both theoretical and computational aspects of algebra and number theory, including a general introduction to scientific computing. The afternoons will be devoted to concrete hands-on computational projects. 
The workshop in the second week will also have a computational bent, being part of the research project LMF: L-functions and Modular Forms (a six year Programme Grant from EPSRC, grant reference EP/K034383/1). The High Performance Computing staff at ICTP will take part of the workshop with the goal of helping the interested participants make the jump from desktops to bigger machines. 
Lecturers for the school: 
Gonzalo Tornaria (Univ. Nacional del Uruguay) 
Vladimir Dokchister (Univ. of Warwick) 
Axel Kohlmeyer (ICTP) 
Masha Vlasenko (Univ. College Dublin) 
Anton Mellit (ICTP) 
David Roberts (Univ. Minnesota, Morris) 
Henri Cohen (Univ. De Bordeaux I) 
John Cremona (Univ. of Warwick) 
Pascal Molin (Univ Paris, Diderot) 
Bill Allombert (Univ. of Bordeaux I) 
Kiran Kedlaya (Univ. of California, San Diego) 
Ariel Pacetti (Univ. de Buenos Aires) 
David Farmer (American Inst. of Mathematics) 
Mehmet Haluk Sengun (Univ. of Warwick) 
Lassina Dembele (Univ. of Warwick) 
Ahmad El-Guindy (Texas AM Qatar) 
Vasily Golyshev (Moscow) 
Stefan Reiter (Univ. of Bayreuth) 
Scientists and students from all countries which are members of the United Nations, UNESCO or IAEA may attend the School. As it will be conducted in English, participants should have an adequate working knowledge of that language. Although the main purpose of the Centre is to help research workers from developing countries, through a programme of training activities within a framework of international cooperation, a limited number of students and post-doctoral scientists from developed countries are also welcome to attend. 
As a rule, travel and subsistence expenses of the participants should be borne by the home institution. Every effort should be made by candidates to secure support for their fare (or at least half-fare). However, limited funds are available for some participants. Priority for funding will be given to candidates who are nationals of, and working in, a developing country.

There is no registration fee. 


J. Cremona, F. Rodriguez Villegas, M. Vlasenko.
ICTP Local Organizer: F. Rodriguez Villegas