Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 22 Sep 2014
Ends 26 Sep 2014
Central European Time
Rabat - Morocco
Local organizing Committee: Yassine Hassouni, Chair (UMVA, Rabat) Asmae Arbaoui, Communications (UMVA, Rabat) Morad El Baz, co-Vice-Chair/Treasurer (UMVA, Rabat) El Houssine El Rhaleb, Registration (UMVA, Rabat) Mohamed Regueragui (UMVA, Rabat) Morad El Belkacemi (UMVA, Rabat)

International organizing Committee:
A. Bassi (University of Trieste) F. Benatti (University of Trieste) Aziz Bouchene (University of Toulouse) Daniel Braun (University of Tuebingen) Jihane Mimih (American Physical Society, Ridge, NY) Antonello Scardicchio (ICTP Trieste)

ICTP Local Organizer:
A. Scardicchio (Trieste)

B. Sanders (Calgary) F. Benatti (Trieste) A. Buchleitner (Freiburg) A. Ekert (Singapore) P. Knight (London) F. Petruccione (Durban) N. Turok (Waterloo)

M. Plenio (Ulm) Alain Aspect (Institut d’Optique Paris) Angelo Bassi (Trieste) Michael Berry (Bristol) Mohamed Bourennane (Stockholm) Luiz Davidovich (Rio de Janeiro) Jiangfeng Du (USTC Hefei) Morad El Baz (UMVA, Rabat) Khalid Bouziane (IUR, Rabat) Fesseha Kassahun (Addis Ababa) Abdel-Shafy Fahmy Obada (Al-Azhar, Cairo) Gerard Milburn (Queensland) Michele Mosca (Waterloo) Mio Murao (Tokyo University) Terry Rudolph (Imperial College, London) Herman Uys (CSIR Pretoria) Rienk van Grondelle (VU Amsterdam)

The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in collaboration with the University Mohamed V Agdal in Rabat and with the support of the European COST Action MP1006, the African Institue for Mathematical Sciences and the African Laser Centre, is organizing the "3rd Quantum Africa Conference: Advances in Quantum Sciences", from 22 to 26 Sep 2014, to be held at University Mohamed V Agdal in Rabat, Morocco. The last years have witnessed fast growing developments in the use of quantum mechanics in technology-oriented and information-related fields, including metrology, nano-devices development, biophysics together with computation, communication and cryptography. Topics as quantum entanglement, quantum coherence and decohering phenomena both in microscopic and mesoscopic systems have been attracting the interest of a growing number of researchers, especially young ones from developing countries. Quantum Africa 3 is the third conference in the Quantum Africa series, which is held biennially in Africa. The Quantum Africa conference series aims to engender exchanges and collaborations between African countries and between Africa and the rest of the world, enable Africa to play a leading research and development role in quantum science and technology, raise African stakeholder awareness of opportunities. The Conference will cover the following topics: quantum biology, quantum control, quantum communication, quantum dynamics, quantum foundations, quantum information processing, quantum materials, quantum metrology, quantum optics, quantum spintronics and ultrafast phenomena.

PARTICIPATION Application is open to all qualified participants from countries which are members of the UN, UNESCO and IAEA. The Organizers will select participants upon evaluation of the application forms, accessible through this webpage (see below link). As a rule, travel and subsistence expenses of the participants are borne by their home institutions. Some funds are available for a limited number of applicants who are nationals of, and working in, developing countries. As scarcity of funds allows travel to be granted only in a few exceptional cases, every effort should be made by candidates to secure support for their fare from their home country. Such financial support is available only to those attending the entire Conference. Upon communication of positive selection outcome, selected candidates will be asked to settle a conference fee, as follows: • Euro 250 for senior participants; • Euro 150 for junior participants (postdocs and students) to be paid to the University Mohamed V Agdal, Rabat (see Those who wish to present a contributed talk (of 20 minutes), are kindly requested to upload title and abstract while going through the online application procedure. File should be in pdf format. 
  • Yassine Hassouni (UMVA, Rabat)


Directors: A. Bassi, F. Benatti, Y. Hassouni, M. El Baz, A. Scardicchio (ICTP Organizer)