Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 25 May 2015
Ends 29 May 2015
Central European Time
Manila - Philippines
Southeast Asia is characterized by the presence of islands with very complex topographical features. These substantially affect local climates as well as the spatial distribution of quantities such as temperature, precipitation and extremes. For this reason, climate simulations over Southeast Asia require high spatial resolution, well beyond that achievable by today's Global Climate Models (GCMs). Regional Climate Models (RCMs) can fill this resolution gap, and thus represent important tools to simulate climate variability and change over the region. Despite this potential, to date the use of RCMs over the Southeast Asia region has been relatively limited, partly because of the necessity to build know-how and computing resources in the region. This workshop aims at improving this problem by providing both theoretical and practical training on the use of RCMs over Southeast Asia. Theoretical lectures will cover the fundamentals of climate modeling and climate change, focusing in particular on the climate of the region and on the use of RCMs. The lectures will be complemented by lab sessions in which the participants will be introduced to the use of the ICTP regional model RegCM4, and will carry out small guided projects with the model. A further aim of the workshop is to build a community of users of the RegCM4 system for the Southeast Asia region towards strengthening its participation to the COordinate Regional Downscaling EXperiment (CORDEX).


Gemma Narisma, Faye Cruz, Fredolin Tangang, Filippo Giorgi, Erika Coppola -
ICTP Local Organizer: Erika Coppola