Starts 31 Jul 2017
Ends 4 Aug 2017
Central European Time
Kastler Lecture Hall (AGH)
Strada Costiera, 11 I - 34151 Trieste (Italy)
This TTA will focus on the monsoons in a changing climate. After the release of the IPCC report in 2013 there has been a lot of interest in the projections of the Asian monsoon in the 21st century. The workshop will consist of invited lectures and analysis of projected monsoons by the participants. Background: Since 2004, the ICTP Earth System Physics section has conducted “Targeted Training Activity (TTA),” a specialized educational activity with a team-oriented nature. This team-oriented aspect is aiming to develop groups of scientists who can work together on a specific goal within a developing-country institution. Previous TTAs on the seasonal predictability in tropical regions have been successful to initiate seasonal climate prediction researches and contributed to operational application in the developing countries. During the TTA there will also be a 1.5 day workshop on Climate dynamics of the Himalayas and Tibetan Plateau Himalayan climate. Since the Himalayan mountains are a source of water for the many major rivers in Asia, affecting billions of people, there is a lot of interest in the projections of climate in the entire Himalayan region. The Asian Monsoon system is the most powerful monsoon system on our planet and derives from the combined influence of the ocean land distributions and especially the Himalaya mountains and Tibetan Plateau. It is of great socio-economic consequence to more than 16 neighboring countries. The program will discuss atmospheric dynamics, land-sea-air coupling, ecology, river systems, recent ENSO events, and long distance tele coupling of the Asian Monsoon into the entire world system.


Jagadish Shukla (COLA, George Mason University), Surya Anguluri (IITM), R. Krishnan (IITM), Bob Bishop (ICES), Guoxiong Wu (LASG), Local Organiser: Fred Kucharski