Starts 14 May 2018
Ends 18 May 2018
Central European Time
Budinich Lecture Hall (LB)
Strada Costiera, 11 I - 34151 Trieste (Italy)
Deadline for Requesting Participation with Financial Support: 1 February 2018
Deadline for Requesting Participation without Financial Support: 1 March 2018

Participants wishing to present a poster during the Conference should kindly indicate this on the application by uploading a short abstract with their surname/name/institute address/ title and brief - max one page - description.

  • Novel quantum phenomena in multicomponent superconductors and superfluids
  • Competing orders in multicomponent quantum systems
  • Multicomponent superconductivity and superfluidity in 2D materials and heterostructures
  • Topological effects in multicomponent quantum systems
  • Vortical and skyrmionic states in multicomponent quantum fluids
The standard picture of superconductors and superfluids is based on the existence of a single quantum condensate, but recent advances in material science and ultracold atoms opened a paradigm of multicomponent quantum fluids. New directions in this multifacetted and booming field are opened by emergent 2D materials, heterostructures, multiorbital materials, and ultracold atomic mixtures, in which superconductivity and superfluidity are readily realized, and where links between observed quantum effects can be made and knowledge can be cross-fertilized. This MultiSuper conference is aimed to help understand, quantify, and manipulate the effects of hybridization between multiple condensates in a single system, as a pathway to yet unseen quantum phenomena. The key experts will be assembled to present and interpret state-of-the-art experiments and theory, and advance fundamental physics and material science in this field.



Andrea Perali (University of Camerino, Italy), Massimo Capone (SISSA, Trieste, Italy), Milorad Milosevic (University of Antwerp, Belgium), Local Organiser: Rosario Fazio