Starts 13 Dec 2017 16:00
Ends 13 Dec 2017 17:00
Central European Time
Leonardo Building - Budinich Lecture Hall
In this seminar, I shall give an overview of why and how mathematical concepts from topology have been pivotal in understanding paradigmatic phenomena in solid state and atomic systems. Firstly, I will present an example showing the direct connection between topological invariants - in particular, the Chern number - and measurable quantities such as currents, of direct relevance to quantum Hall physics. Secondly, I will summarize recent exciting results in cold atom physics that have allowed to bring the aforementioned connection to a deeper level, by directing accessing both the Chern number and Berry’s curvature in experiments. Finally, I will discuss the potential of such concepts for future quantum technologies, and put down some recent challenges at the interface between math and theoretical physics in the context of the many-body problem.