Starts 1 Jul 2019
Ends 12 Jul 2019
Central European Time
Kastler Lecture Hall (AGH)
Via Grignano, 9 I - 34151 Trieste (Italy)
The school will focus on the organization of convection in the tropics and its possible implications for climate sensitivity. Some idealized convection permitting models show spontaneous clustering of convection can occur, drying the tropical atmosphere and increasing infrared emission to space. This effect could imply a strong negative feedback on the climate that may be missing or poorly represented in global climate models. However, there is open debate concerning the mechanisms involved, the implications for climate, the evidence in the observations, the role of shallow clouds and convection, the spatial scales of instability and the connection of this idealized aggregation to common examples of tropical organization such as the Madden Julian Oscillation or tropical cyclones. The event will consist of a one-week school, with some introductory lectures and the chance to work with observations and model output to address questions related to convective organization. In the second week, participants will benefit from open debate with over 20 of the world’s leading scientists in the field. Experts will work with student groups to summarize the debates in position papers, including results from the first week’s exercises. Topics: • Models of radiative-convective equilibrium • Convective organization in high resolution models • Evidence for organization in observations • Implications for climate and climate sensitivity • Representation in global models and their parameterization schemes • Connection to MJO, hurricanes and other examples of convective organization Invited speakers include: Biasutti, Michela, IRI Columbia U., USA Bony, Sandrine, LMD, France Bordoni, Simona, Caltech, USA Chaboureau, Jean-Pierre, Toulouse U./CNRS, France Cronin Timothy, MIT, USA Craig, George, LMU, Germany Emanuel, Kerry, MIT, USA Gezahegn, Addisu, LMD, France Grabowski, Wojciech, UCAR, USA Khairoutdinov, Marat, Stonybrook U., USA Khouider, Boualem, Victoria U., Canada Mapes, Brian, Miami U., USA Marshall John, MIT, USA Moncrieff, Mitch, UCAR, USA Pincus, Rob, NOAA, USA Randall, David, CSU, USA Sherwood,Steve, UNSW,Australia Stevens, Bjorn, MPIM, Germany Vallis, Geoff K., Exeter U., U.K. Yang, Da, Berkley U., USA Zuidema, Paquita, RSMAS Miami, USA


Cathy Hohenegger (MPI, Germany), Chris Holloway (Reading University, U.K.), Caroline Muller (LMD, France), Allison Wing (FSU, USA), Fred Kucharski (ICTP), Riccardo Farneti (ICTP), Local Organiser: Adrian Tompkins