Starts 17 Oct 2018
Ends 19 Oct 2018
Kigali - Rwanda

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Some photos taken at the Francis Allotey tribute meeting in Kigali can be viewed here:

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The East African Institute of Fundamental Research (EAIFR), an ICTP partner Institute in Africa, is officially opening on the 18th of October 2018 in Kigali, Rwanda, and participants in the Workshop are also invited to attend the formal inauguration ceremony.

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As part of the festivities, we are organizing a two-day workshop (17th and 19th of October) which is aimed at reviving the African Physical Society with a focus on discussing about all the great science that is currently going on in the African continent, promoting networking amongst African scientists and setting out a roadmap for the future of science in general in Africa.

This activity will begin with a tribute to Prof. Francis Allotey who passed away last year.

Final List of Speakers

Amna Abdalla
John Akindayo Adedoyin
George Amolo
Rondrotiana Barimalala
Paul Buah-Bassuah
Nithaya Chetty
Mmantasae Moche Diale
Kedro Diomande
Moses Jojo Eghan
Jean Paul Faye
Garu Gebreyesus
Assia Harbi
Estelle Inack
Stephane Kenmoe
Rasha M. Khafagy
Lucy Kiruri
Timoleon Crepin Kofane
Bernard M'Passi Mabiala
Malik Maaza
Liliana Mammino
Sekazi Mtingwa
Joe Niemela
Lawrence Norris
Solofoarisoa Rakotoniaina
Bonfils Safari
Mohammed Semlali
Charles Tabod
Mourad Telmini
Malik Maaza
Ahmadou Wague
Amanda Weltman
Hisham Widatallah


* * * Deadline for requesting participation: 3 October 2018 * * *



Garu Gabreyesus (Legon, Ghana), Omololu Akin-Ojo (EAIFR, Rwanda), Ahmadou Wague (UCAD), Sandro Scandolo (ICTP), ICTP Scientific Contact: Ali Hassanali