Starts 17 Jun 2019
Ends 28 Jun 2019
Central European Time
Quito - Ecuador
All lessons will be held in English at the
Universidad San Francisco de Quito Campus Cumbaya and
Escuela Politécnica Nacional

**DEADLINE for requesting participation is 24 MARCH 2019**

  • Optimal Control and Applications to Biology
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Machine Learning
  • Cancer Dynamics Description continued

This activity serves as an opportunity to highlight current research topics and real-world applications in applied mathematics. Students exposed to the mini-courses will learn mathematical tools used to efficiently solve real world problems. Specifically, the intention is to highlight the applications of mathematics in other disciplines as well as in industry in an effort to illustrate mathematics as a useful and necessary tool as well as a lucrative career option.
Courses aim to address both theoretical aspects as well as real world applications. The courses will be complemented by additional computer lab sessions where students will solve relevant problems and be given an opportunity to run simulations and learn computational skills. In addition, students will be provided with mentoring regarding jobs in industry as well as opportunities for advanced studies in mathematics.

Lecturers include:
M. S. Aronna, Escola de Matemática Aplicada (FGV), Brazil
J. Bedrossian, University of Maryland, U.S.A.
R. Cóbe, Sao Paulo State University, Brazil
D. Levy, University of Maryland, U.S.A.

M. Calahorrano, EPN, Ecuador
M. G. Delgadino, Imperial College, U.K.
D. C. Ramirez, USFQ, Ecuador
L. D. Simonelli, ICTP, Italy
G. Violini, Emeritus, CIF, Colombia

Local Organizer:
C. Arezzo, ICTP, Trieste, Italy
**DEADLINE: 24/03/2019**
**DEADLINE: 24/03/2019**


Marco Calahorrano (EPN), Matias G. Delgadino (Imperial College), Dennis C. Ramirez (USFQ), Lucia Simonelli (ICTP), Galileo Violini (USFQ), ICTP Scientific Contact: Claudio Arezzo