Starts 13 Jul 2020
Ends 17 Jul 2020
Central European Time
Kigali - Rwanda

ICTP-EAIFR DSU2020 web page:

The Dark Side of the Universe (DSU) is a series of international workshops in cosmology and astro-particle physics.  The workshops bring together a wide range of theorists and experimentalists to discuss current ideas on models of the dark sector of the Universe, and relate them to ongoing and future experiments.  The 16th event of the series will be hosted by ICTP-EAIFR in Kigali, Rwanda from 13 to 17 July 2020.

Topics covered include:
  • dark matter
  • dark energy
  • cosmic rays
  • neutrino physics
  • large-scale structure
  • black holes
  • gravitational waves
  • physics beyond the standard model

More details about the conference and how to apply to come soon.


Joern Kersten (Bergen U), Roy Maartens (UWC, South Africa & Portsmouth), Shoaib Munir (ICTP-EAIFR), Marcello Musso (ICTP-EAIFR), Riccardo Sturani (IIP, Brazil), Filippo Vernizzi (IPhT, Saclay), Gabrijela Zaharijas (Nova Gorica U), ICTP Scientific Contact: Paolo Creminelli