Starts 6 Jul 2020
Ends 24 Jul 2020
Central European Time
Marrakesh - Morocco
Cadi Ayyad University
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The aim of the Biennial Africal School of Fundamental Physics and Application is to build capacity to harvest, interpret, and exploit the results of current and future physics experiments and to increase proficiency in related applications.

The school is based on a close interplay between theoretical, experimental, and applied physics.

The participating students are selected from all over Africa. A limited number of grants are available to support the attendance of  selected participants.

The school also offers a workshop to train high school teachers, an outreach to motivate high school pupils and a physics conference to support a broader participation of African research faculties. The duration of the school allows for networking-€“interactions among the participants.

Access and participation in fundamental science is an important right. Through this work, it is hoped that the community of scientists who are at the forefront of science is enhanced and diversified thus fulfilling the mission of international research and education.

Main topics:

1) Theoretical Physics
2) Experimental Physics
3) Applied Physics
4) High Performance Grid Computing

In addition to lecture courses, each topic will include hands-on exercises on computing-related aspects, including the Grid.

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Kétévi Adiklè Assamagan (BNL), Anne E. Dabrowski (CERN), Christine Darve (ESS, Lund), Jonathan R. Ellis (King's College London), Fernando Ferroni (GSSI-INFN), Steve Guy Muanza (CNRS-IN2P3, Marseille), ICTP Scientific Contact: Bobby Samir Acharya