Starts 3 Aug 2020
Ends 8 Aug 2020
Central European Time
Accra - Ghana
The Coastal Ocean Environment Summer School in Ghana ( is an international collaboration aimed at building capacity in oceanographic and environmental sciences in Ghana specifically, and Africa more generally. Marine issues of great importance to Ghana include fisheries, piracy, pollution, shipping and port management, and the recent advent of offshore oil drilling.
We held schools in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and ICTP co-organized the school in 2018. We hold the school every year, alternating between Regional Maritime University and University of Ghana, which are both located in Ghana’s capital city of Accra. In 2020, for the 6th summer in a row, we will host a summer school. It will be the third school hosted at the University of Ghana. During the summer school, around 100 African participants receive a broad general training in marine and environmental sciences. At the same time, a subgroup of participants receive more specific training in their areas of interest, through conducting a short research project on specialized topics related to ocean biogeochemistry, ocean modeling, satellite oceanography, data analysis, and seagoing oceanography. The emphasis in this project track is on hands-on research rather than on lectures. Project track participants will thus have a chance to spend an entire week working closely under the guidance of the instructors, deepening their knowledge of their topic of interest, and presenting their projects on the last day of the school.
 We believe that repeat visits are the key to establishing meaningful long-term connections between western and African scientists. Our long-term goals for the school include developing a research and education network of marine and environmental scientists in several African countries. Topics: • Coastal ocean dynamics • Environmental science • Oil and gas basin development • Shoreline geomorphology • Organic and isotope biogeochemistry • Satellite and field oceanography • Numerical modeling of the ocean • Data analysis techniques Speakers: Prof. E. L. Shroyer, Oregon State University, USA Prof. Adam Simon, University of Michigan, USA Prof. Aline Cotel, University of Michigan, USA Dr. Paige Martin, Columbia University, USA Prof. Andrew Lucas, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, USA Dr. Madeline Foster-Martinez, University of New Orleans, USA Dr. D. Menemenlis, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA Dr. E. Nyadjro, Mississippi State University, USA Dr. J. K. Ansong, University of Ghana, Legon Dr. W. Johnson, Naval Research Laboratory, USA Dr. C. Buckingham, Universite Bretagne Occidentale, France Dr. S. Howden, The University of Southern Mississippi, USA Dr. A. M. Lamptey, University of Ghana, Legon Prof. B. K. Arbic, University of Michigan, USA Dr. R. Farneti, Abdus Salam ICTP, Italy
**DEADLINE: 01/06/2020**


Edem Mahu (University of Ghana, Legon), Brian K. Arbic (University of Michigan, USA), Sam Addo (University of Ghana, Legon), ICTP Scientific Contact: Riccardo Farneti