Starts 5 Dec 2019 16:00
Ends 5 Dec 2019 17:30
Central European Time
Leonardo Building - Euler Lecture Hall
Abstract. The manifestation of the dark Universe began with unexpected large-scale astronomical observations. Though, known physics fails to explain also a plethora of persisting small-scale atmospheric observations. The key signature of all observations is their planetary relationship. However, planetary remote interactions are too feeble to cause any significant effect, while they are independently excluded by this work. The derived signatures are suggestive for streams of invisible particles, which interact "strongly", e.g., with the outer layers of atmosphere. The streams must be not relativistic, for gravitational (self)focusing effects by the Sun and/or its planets to be effective. Experiments searching for dark matter, either on purpose (e.g. CAST) or not, could profit from the concept of invisible streams. A few favourite particle candidates will also be presented. If time allows, some question(s) and a spin-off will be mentioned.