Starts 20 Apr 2021 11:00
Ends 20 Apr 2021 12:00
Central European Time
ABSTRACT: Recently, the study of chaos in quantum systems has been revitalized due to what is now known as the bound to chaos. This result limits the rate of growth of chaos at low temperatures due to quantum effects. In this talk, I will present ongoing work with Jorge Kurchan concerning the bound in the context of classical and quantum free dynamics on curved manifolds. Thanks to the curvature, such models display chaotic dynamics up to low temperatures, due to the absence of any localizing potentia Remarkably, this chaotic behaviour is limited by the quantum effects of the curvature itself. The talk aims to discuss the different ways in which such quantum effects arise. As an illustrative example, I will consider the simple case of a free particle on a two-dimensional manifold, constructed by joining the surface of constant negative curvature --- a paradigmatic model of quantum chaos --- to a cylinder. The resulting phenomenology can be generalized to the case of several (constant) curvatures. The presence of a hierarchy of length scales enforces the bound to chaos up to zero temperature. Our goal is to extend this study to macroscopic models, that may be studied as free propagation on a rugged manifold in n-dimensions.