Starts 20 Jan 2014
Ends 12 Mar 2014
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TREGA- A joint EC-ICTP training project to assist Africa's aviation sector Second TREGA Session: "GNSS Systems and Applications" and "Service Provision, User Support and Promotion of EGNOS Use in Africa"

TREGA Project is funded by the European Union

The joint EC-ICTP project Training EGNOS GNSS in Africa (TREGA) aims to support the implementation of GNSS/EGNOS in Sub-Saharan Africa by: - providing training on space project management, GNSS and EGNOS technology, SBAS (Satellite-Based Augmentation System) service provision and user support, and applied legal and regulatory matters to members of the EGNOS-Africa Joint Programme Office;
- selecting, procuring and using a testing platform and software simulator as a preliminary backbone infrastructure for the implementation of SBAS services in Sub-Saharan Africa;
- training a core number of African professionals to be able to address technical problems related to the conditions of Sub-Saharan Africa, making use of the testing platform/software simulator.
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S.M. Radicella