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Starts 23 Nov 2022 12:15
Ends 3 Mar 2023 12:15


Holographic Himalaya is a research journal club on “Quantum Information of Space-time and Matter” which will run for 6 months with a target of 15 bachelor’s and master’s students. Additionally, students will be divided into groups and assigned a specific topic and well-defined research problem.
The program itself is hybrid, with weekly virtual sessions and monthly on-site sessions. Due to the project’s multidisciplinary nature, students will have the opportunity to explore state-of-the-art research in various fields of theoretical physics.


  • Black hole Information Paradox
  • Entanglement entropy and Complexity in quantum field theories
  • Entanglement entropy and Complexity in quantum field theories
  • Exploring Quantum effects during the early universe
  • Simulating Holographic protocols of AdS/CFT in Cloud Quantum Computers
  • Researching tabletop quantum gravity experiments

 Eligibility and Commitment:

Students from Bachelor and Master levels from Nepal with a background in theoretical physics and willing to commit for the period of 6 months. Priority will be given to students in the final year looking for Bachelor’s and Master’s projects. 

Minimum of three hours per week. There will be a weekly virtual discussion of the progress and frequent Virtual talk by international experts.


Application link:

Programme Website:

Organizing committee:
Project coordinator: Kiran Adhikari, Technical University of Munich, PhD Student
Local coordinator: Laxman Dangol, RevoScience Media, Nepal, Editor
Local coordinator: Prof. Dr. Udayraj Khanal, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Professor
Local and funding coordinator: Prof. Dr. JeevanJyoti Nakarmi, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Professor

Natarajan Shriethar, Pratik Kafle, Alexandre Belin, Yadav Kandel, Rajeev Singh, Maria Baumesiter

RevoScience Media, Local coordinator: Laxman Dangol
Tribhuvan University, Local coordinator: Prof. Dr. JeevanJyoti Nakarmi

ICTP PWF, Tribhuvan University (Patan Multiple Campus, campus of Tribhuvan University), RevoScience Media, Ejalo Academy