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Starts 19 Jan 2023 16:00
Ends 19 Jan 2023 17:30
Central European Time
Zoom Meeting + in presence
Leonardo Building - Luigi Stasi Seminar Room

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Meeting ID: 941 3603 4319

Password: 012401

Abstract. There are special classes of N=2 superconformal field theories in four dimensions, such as those of the “Argyres-Douglas” type, that feature an intrinsically strong dynamics. Due to the lack of a Lagrangian description, determining their properties quantitatively is a challenge. In this talk, I will present a general formula, which, inspired by the techniques of localization in gauge theory, computes the OPE coefficients between the Coulomb-Branch operators of such SCFTs. The formula only depends on data of the theory that can all be extracted from its classical Seiberg-Witten geometry, and it gives results in surprising agreement with the bootstrap bounds.