Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 17 Apr 2023
Ends 21 Apr 2023
Stellenbosch - South Africa
An ICTP meeting in person in Stellenbosch - South Africa

The joint ICTP, NITheCS and CHPC School has the goal of providing early career scientists with technical guidance and best practices on advanced computing tools, fundamental for modern quantitative sciences. The program includes a mix of lectures and practicals, focusing on a wide range of topics from HPC, to ML/AI and QC.
School participants will learn best practices commonly applied in modern computational research to extend scientific frontiers in fields of direct impact for sustainable development, both through the analysis of large, rich datasets and through the simulations of physical processes. Lectures on selected research topics will showcase major technical issues across several scientific fields, from Astrophysics to Biophysics and Climate Sciences.

A series of tutorials will complete the program, providing participants with hands-on experience on an extended set of practical aspects:
  • Scaling 3D computational codes on a large scale facility for HPC
  • I/O and Visualization
  • HPC for ML
  • Deep Learning
  • Applied QC

The ideal candidate is an early career scientist either with short term perspectives to work or currently working (ref. letter from project PI is recommended), on a research project strongly tied to computer simulations and/or large scale data analysis. He/She has successfully attended previous courses on foundations of HPC and advanced programming (i.e., CHPC winter school) or demonstrate extended previous experience in scientific computing.

The first day of the school includes a series of public talks from leading scientists in their related field of computational science (for more information see the link). For a restricted number of selected participants the week-event will be a unique opportunity to interact with scientists, as well as share and discuss computationally related problems with peers and technical experts with years of experience on applied high-end computing for scientific research.     


C. CROSBY, CHPC, South Africa
K. A GOVENDER, University of Johannesburg, South Africa
and more to be defined

Grants: A limited number of grants are available to support the attendance of selected participants, with priority given to participants from developing countries. There is no registration fee.

The deadline for applicants requesting visa support is 15 February 2023; the deadline for all other applicants is 21 March 2023.
**DEADLINE: 21/03/2023**


Werner JANSE VAN RENSBURG (CHPC, South Africa), Francesco PETRUCCIONE (NITheCS, South Africa), Sandro SCANDOLO (ICTP, Italy), Happy SITHOLE (NICIS, South Africa), ICTP Scientific Contact: Ivan Girotto (ICTP)