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Description An ICTP meeting in person

Dynamical Systems give a mathematical framework to study and to interpret the temporal and spatial evolution of processes of different nature from physics to finance. To understand the diversity of such processes, dynamical systems theory resorts to all branches of mathematics, from geometry to probability, from number theory to differential equations.

Our conference aims to touch upon several topics in Dynamics, illustrating the connections and presenting new ideas, with special emphasis given to the following subjects:
  • Small divisors and KAM theory
  • Hamiltonian dynamics
  • Probabilistic aspects of dynamical systems
  • Teichmueller dynamics
  • Information theory and time series
  • Applications of dynamical systems to finance

Call for Contributed Abstracts: All applicants are encouraged to submit an abstract for a poster presentation. Abstract templates are available below for download.

V. BALADI, CNRS/Sorbonne University
M. BENINI, Universita’ di Parma
P. BERGER, CNRS/Sorbonne University
G. BORMETTI, Univesita’ di Bologna
J. CHAIKA, University of Utah
A. CHÉRITAT, University of Toulouse
R. DOUADY, CNRS/Sorbonne University
H. ELIASSON, CNRS/Sorbonne University
G. FORNI, University of Maryland
S. GHAZOUANI*, University College London
K. KHANIN, University of Toronto
D. H. KIM, Dongguk University
G. LIVIERI*, London School of Economics
C. MATHEUS, CNRS/Ecole Polytechnique
P. MAZZARISI, Universita’ di Siena
F. PENE, University of Brest
A. SKRIPCHENKO, Moscow School Economics
H. TAKAHASI, Keio University
G. TIOZZO, University of Toronto
M. YAMPOLSKY, University of Toronto
* to be confirmed

Grants: A limited number of grants are available to support the attendance of selected participants, with priority given to participants from developing countries. There is no registration fee.

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