Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 2 Feb 2023 11:30
Ends 2 Feb 2023 12:30
Central European Time

Alioscia Hamma
Universita' degli studi di Napoli Federico II

Quantum physics is inherently different from classical physics and this difference comes in two layers. First, quantum correlations are stronger than classical correlations and do violate Bell’s inequalities. Second, based on the assumption that P is not NP, quantum physics is exponentially harder to simulate than classical physics.

The resource that makes quantum computers different from classical computers consists on those operations that go beyond the stabilizer formalism. In this talk, we show a new way of computing non-stabilizerness, called Stabilizer Entropy (SE), and show how this quantity can be experimentally measured. We show how the SE determines the hardness of quantum verification and of simulability, and how in turn it is involved in the onset of quantum complex behavior, as, e.g., revealed in the Out-of-Time-Order correlators. Moreover, we show how SE determines the complexity of a Black Hole and how to retrieve information scrambled by it.

Finally, starting from the thermodynamic interpretation of the SE, we sketch a new approach to quantum complexity based on the interplay of entanglement and non-stabilizerness.