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Starts 21 Mar 2023 16:00
Ends 21 Mar 2023 17:30
Central European Time
Hybrid Seminar
Luigi Stasi Seminar Room + Zoom

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Meeting ID: 912 2569 6208

Password: 010608

Abstract. Despite enormous efforts that have been made over the past three decades, the true nature of dark matter (DM) which makes up 85% of the matter in the universe remains unknown. Currently there are several motivated particle candidates for DM such as Weakly Interacting Massive Particles, axions, sterile neutrinos, etc. Research into the detectability of these particles has recently revealed a vast numbers of promising experimental designs ranging from high-precision table-top experiments to incorporating astronomical surveys and Gravitational Wave detectors. On one hand the terrestrial experiments have been operating during the years in order to find a direct signal of the local DM halo around the earth. On the other hand, a sizable amount of DM can be developed near compact astrophysical objects such as neutron stars and blackholes through different accumulation scenarios which can be served as a unique opportunity to indirectly probe the nature of DM. In this talk, we will review our recent results in DM searches from ground based experiments to natural astrophysical laboratories.