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Starts 8 Mar 2023 16:00
Ends 8 Mar 2023 17:00
Central European Time
Stephen A. Atlas
(College of Business, University of Rhode Island, USA)

AI prompt engineering for a chat-empowered workforce

Abstract: This talk explores the use of prompt engineering for education and research. We will discuss the capabilities of OpenAI's ChatGPT in generating human-like text and assisting with language processing tasks, and also its limitations and the need for human oversight. In the seminar, we examine principles for responsible prompting and examples of prompts for writing, content creation, and individualized learning.   Participants will leave the seminar with ideas for prompting ChatGPT to help with their teaching, learning, and scholarship.
Bio: Stephen A. Atlas is a marketing professor at the University of Rhode Island. His guide to responsible chatbot prompting is among the 5 most downloaded articles in the URI open-access repository and is now available as a free self-paced course:  He guides, consults, and speaks on customer relationships, mindfulness, and emergent technology.
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